I'm thinking of writing a story. Any advice for a budding writer?

Write whatever you are interested in and if you are writing erotica, whatever turns you on. Don’t bother tailoring your story to what you imagine your audience wants. Just write a story you would enjoy to read.

If you are anything like me, your first draft of a story will be awful. My first drafts are just me spewing out whatever comes to mind, so I try not to think of it as a complete story - it’s just a base to build my story on. So never be discouraged if you hate your first draft, just try to figure out what the problems are and correct them in later drafts.

I rarely write a story from it’s beginning right through to it’s end. I usually have a scene or line of dialogue that’s really strong in my mind and write that first and build my story around it. For example, for “A New Hero in Town”, all I could think of was an overly-muscled teen superhero looking at himself in the mirror and whining to his brother about how the whole secret identity thing looked a lot easier in the Superman comics. So I wrote that scene first, which gave me the basic personalities of the brothers and gave me more story hooks to play around with. e.g. The superhero teen is really panicking about this, why? The brother likes to tease his naive brother, but has a good heart - I know he’ll do his best to fix the situation and calm his brother down, etc.

For caption stories, I find it much easier to write a story that’s inspired by a photo than write a story and try to find a photo that matches my story. Seriously there’s a huge difference for me. I’ve got too clear of an image of the story in my mind and it takes forever to find a photo online that matches my fantasies. I could spend weeks trying to find that perfect photo! :)

Writer’s block is my biggest hurdle. When it crops up, I just stop writing and come back to the story later. This could be days, weeks or months. Hell, I’ve got incomplete drafts that are years old! I’m not a professional writer, so there’s no need to tear my hair out and force myself to write something when my mind is blank. This is just a hobby for me, so if I am frustrated with it I just move on to another hobby for relaxation. Or I jerk off to porn.

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