About This Blog

This is a blog of NSFW photo captions featuring muscle growth stories and similar fetishes.

I originally started this blog on Tumblr way back in 2012, but on December 2018 Tumblr radically changed it’s policy on hosting pornographic material, forcing me and countless others to relocate their NSFW blogs elsewhere.

Right now I’m hosting my content on this private server, but I’ll keep an eye on how the captioning community adapts to the Tumblr debacle. If a new hosting platform becomes central to the community, I may have to relocate again. But right now I enjoy the freedom of being able to host content without being forced to follow the ever-changing whims of a social media platform.

I don’t own the images used in these caption stories, so I’m prepared to take down individual images at the original owner’s request.

If people want to contact me for any reason, I still keep track of messages and asks on my Tumblr account turningalpha, and I can also be contacted at the muscle-growth.org forums under the user whatizit.