Other Male Transformation Photo Caption Blogs

  • AB’s Transformations
    One of my favourite sites to visit. Primarily Muscle Growth stories, but the author occasionally dabbles with other types of transformation fetishes. Absqrst just recently relocated his Tumblr blog to the forums and is gradually reposting his old posts while adding new content.

  • Becoming…
    Body swap, muscle growth and more.

  • Mr Cavanaugh’s Assorted Stories
    Mr Cavanaugh recently exported his Tumblr blog to this URL. Features a ton of great muscle growth and body swap stories.

  • Hugh Michelsen
    The home page of the muscle growth ebook author, Hugh Michelsen. Lots of chapter previews of his ebooks can be found here. Loves writing reality-changing storylines where characters are completely oblivious to the muscle growing antics round them.

  • Lix Pex
    Guys being transformed into cocky narcisstic jocks.

  • Male Body Exchange
    Body swap captions with some hot muscle growth.

  • Male Body Swap & Transformation Fiction
    For many years this Yahoo group has been the internet’s central hub for male body swap and transformation photo captions. You will find lots of classic captions in it’s extensive photo archives, spread across several Yahoo groups.

  • Male Changes
    A hot age progression/nerd-to-jock caption tumblr that is just starting out.

  • Male Transformation Blog
    Another blog filled with a hot variety of body transformation and body switching captions.

  • Sedan Elgar’s Fantasy Graphics
    Lots of photoshopped hypermasculine images and a few muscle-growth captions. I especially love his fantasically over-the-top Charles Atlas-like comic book adverts.

  • Yachirobi
    Primarily a photo tumblr that reblogs photographs of hot muscle studs. Occasionally Yachirobi will be inspired to add a hot muscle growth story to a photo.

  • YoungTrevor’s Male Body Swap Caps
    Mainly body swaps with the occasional muscle growth and muscle theft caption mixed in.