I’m a chubby, small, virgin and lonely guy. All of my friends have a girlfriend or at least have a sexual life, only I seem to be the one left out. Could you please change that for me? P.s. Having a beard would also be nice.

Done! I hope this little boost will help improve your sex life.

A few days later…

You hadn’t expected the sudden change of career. Or that your group’s gaming garage had been magically converted into your personal workshop. But it somehow felt right seeing your tanned body explode with twisting brawn as you power your way through monkey wrenches, car jacks, and tire irons. Your beefy hands unscrewing machine-installed bolts and screws with superhuman ease.


The intense heat of the garage giving you an excuse to move around practically naked - a pair of low-riding jeans allowing visitors a glimpse of the thick meaty base of the immense power tool hanging between your legs.

You returned to the house every day stinking of oil and gasoline and brutish, manly sweat. Your skin streaked with stains. Constantly smirking at your housemates, who still had their dorky desk jobs and college classes. Feeling proud how much of a man you were compared to their puny lives. Your cock growing hard as you see how unmanned they felt when you stepped into a room.

And today at work you hear a familiar-sounding nervous cough behind you. You smile and slowly turn around - making sure to casually flex your upper body as you do so. It was always good to give an unforgettable first impression.

You look at the two small figures before you. It was your housemate Sam and his very special guest.

“So, this is Kelly?” you ask with a handsome smile, scrutinizing the petite girl standing with her mouth agape at your magnificence.

Sam blushed scarlet and stammered out a “Yes”.

“W-we met last Fr-friday,” he explained. “And, well, one thing led to a-another and, er, we are t-together now.”

Fuck, did you really once look up to Sam? Hard to believe that just a few days ago you considered him the biggest player in town.

He was still ridiculously hot-looking with a nice, toned runner’s physique - but, wow, he now looked like a little boy compared to you. A worm.

You feel your fuckrod swell with your hot, hormone-infused blood as you smile down at your housemate’s new girlfriend.

Damn, she was hot. In a sweet and geeky kind of way.

You liked fucking geeks - giving them the full, white-knuckle, hip thrusting, pussy-stretching experience. It always felt like you were somehow rewarding your old nerdy self. You fucked them like how your old self had imagined muscle gods fucked little geeky girls. You know deep down that pathetic little worm of a man was still a part of you you, masturbating his pathetic little cock at your dirty thoughts.

“You know about Sam’s little arrangement?” you ask.

She looked a bit flustered. Was it Sam’s explanation? Or was she feeling a little woozy from seeing you?

“It’s quite simple - he does all the dating,” you explain, reaching out to gently ruffle Sam’s hair. “And I do all the fucking.” You emphasize your role in the deal by pointing an oily thumb into the deep canyon-like separation of your pec shelf.

You can see Sam’s cheeks burn red. Humiliation you guess but the tell-tale bulge in his prep boy pants betrayed just how hot he found the situation he was in.

You smile at him.

“And he really loves to watch,” you whisper into her ear.

As did Rich. And Spencer. And Marty.

When you had complained that you had felt “left out”, you hadn’t intended as recompense to be literally included in every sexual encounter your friends will ever have. Or, for that matter, that you would decide to just take over their roles in the bedroom.

But it felt good to do so. Real good.

You glanced at Sam. He was having trouble keeping it all together - watching you stroke your massive, dirty hand against his girlfriend’s soft cheek while she bites her bottom lip with anticipation.

In a few seconds, you knew Sam would shoot a load in his pants.

You just shrug your greased-up shoulders at your housemate’s pathetic response and kept your attention on little Kelly - engulfing her small mouth with your hot, writhing tongue. The dirty bristles of your beard rubbing against her smooth baby-like skin.

Yes, this was a man’s job. Time to show Kelly what a real man could do.

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