The Audition

The Audition

(many thanks to @absqrst for throwing around ideas with me)

“Oh? Are you auditioning for the school musical too? Well, you may be able to sing but let’s see if my little Chronivac and a concept called the ‘casting couch’ can improve my chances.”

The newcomer studmuffin nonchalantly flexed a thick bicep, pretending to ignore your jaw-dropping stare as the sexy slab of hunk meat animated into an intimidating dancing bulge of brawn.

He giggled, dropping his arm and slowly easing his waistline and exposing the hard, vein-riddled surface that lead down to his stud cock. He flashed you a smile that could sell Hollywood movies to the coveted female demographic.

Your mind was a flurry of confusion. Wasn’t that Nick “Blobba the Hutt” Woods? 

What on earth happened to him?

And what the hell was a cronofack?

Fuck,” said the newly-studified Nick with awe in his voice. “Miss Strohmeyer is going to cream her little panties once she sees me ‘perform’. I’m going to fuck that hot bitch hard and deep over and over again. All afternoon if needed. Every time bringing her to earth-shattering orgasm until she fucking casts me in the lead.”

“Shit, I’m going to fuck her until she is literally begging me to be the lead.”

He smirked at your puny form as the drama classroom door opened and his name was called out.

7 months later…

Most people that year agreed that the school’s staging of Oliver! had been very… unusual. Though spectacular. And a bit more adult than the usual interpretation.

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