Ummmm… I saw your post about requests…. I could really use your help. I have two older step brothers, both are big guys…. like really big, dominate alpha jocks. I’m nothing like them… and I’m the target of their abuse. I’m about to leave highschool and go to college… their college. Please help me.

So let’s have a look at your step brothers.


Hmmm. I see why you’re such a bundle of nerves. You definitely need a major boost of overly-testosteronized manliness just to stay your ground against these jackasses.

But where’s the fun in just keeping up with your brothers? What we really want is to turn you into a real force of nature. Transform that weakling frame of yours into such a hulking figure of masculinity that you will send your musclehead step-siblings arcing into the air if you accidentally brushed your arms against them.

Of course, the Chronivac can handle that kind of request easily. The hard part is coming up with a fun story to explain away your sudden transformation.

Oh, you thought I was just going to press a button and change reality so that everyone would forget about your wimpy self? No, this is revenge and proper revenge requires your victims to remember why you’re settling old scores.

We want your step-douches to remember your sweet, dorky, puny self every time you’re pressing both of their heads against your muscle-bulging torso, forcing them to lick off your musky man sweat. We want them to regret ever having the audacity to even smirk at your old self.

Anyway, back to the backstory for your transformation! My gut feeling is the classic trope of “crashed truck causing a toxic chemical leak” - sorry, I’m on a Daredevil binge right now. We’ll just write it into your history, about six months back, so you don’t have to deal with the excrutiating pain of your bike crashing into the truck and sending your spindly little body flying into a bubbling, hot pool of glowing goo.

So let’s say something in that accident completely changes your DNA. You now have the most perfect genes in the world for building the most astonishing specimen of human athleticism and strength. From then on, it just comes easy for you - workouts are a breeze and you feel none of the soreness. Every day you just get bigger and stronger - the weighing scales increasing with lean, muscular mass ever if you sat on your ass all day eating pizza. Once you figured out what was happening, your brothers’ abandoned basement gym becomes your new home. Soon, you parents adapt to the smell of teenage sweat from the basement after school and the smell of cum coming from your bedroom after your workout.

And accidents involving chemical spills lead to massive lump-sum settlements. Perfect for the freshman who wants to enter college with a big bang. Why rent when you can splash out on your own penthouse apartment? Why cycle when you can have your own sports car?

And then there is the issue of all those steroids.

Oh, you didn’t know your stepbrothers were all roided up? So you honestly thought they were blessed with genes that allowed them to eat tubs of ice-cream while being extremely ripped? I’m looking at their stats on the Chronivac and, believe me, a lot of their aggression against you can be easily traced to pumping up their bodies with enough testosterone to fuel a racehorse.

So I guess now that you know the truth you want me to do something about that?

Like, for example, how I’ve just rewritten the timeline so that your dear stepbrothers had decided to invest most of their meager savings on buying a huge supply of high-quality illegal steroids and HGH to last both of them almost a year. I mean, it’s an investment that’s sure to pay off, right? No doubt they’ll be inundated with modeling contracts after just a few months of Instagram posts while on their new testosterone-boosting cocktails. They were finally on the brink of landing their dream jobs.

Too bad for them that their shipment got lost in transit four months back and they haven’t been able to recover any of the cash they blew on it.

Now they’ve been forced to work out naturally throughout the Summer and, well, they haven’t worked out naturally in about two years.

The poor jocks seem to have trouble hanging on to their prized muscle mass. And the amount of weight they lift in their workouts has plummeted dramatically in recent weeks. People that they made fun of at the college gym are now sniggering behind their backs.

They have also lost their sexy shreds and aesthetics. The sudden absence of large doses of Tren in their system has made the whole fat-burning aspect a lot harder than they are used to. Both are gaining a little bit of a paunch. They laugh it off to friends as just being too busy with college work to focus on gym work. But recently they’ve stopped walking about shirtless on campus, preferring long t-shirts that are baggy around their waistlines.

And as for you? Well, the truth is, your big brothers’ massive shipment was never lost. The numbskulls accidentally had it delivered to the family home and never thought to look at their old addresses. So you happened to be the only person in the house when the delivery arrived and curiously opened the boxes up to see what was inside.

It took you a lot of research time to read up on all their names and what they all did. But your dorky brain was soon looking up cycles and before and after pics online.

You kept your brothers’ stash to yourself. Almost 2 years worth of body-altering substances.

And it seems steroids now have an explosive effect on your new superhuman body. You only need a tenth of the substances your brothers took and you easily surpassed them at their peak about one month into your transformation.

As for what you look like now, well…


Fuck it! I really need to see what you would look like after all that…

So, let’s just submit the changes…

And let’s have a sneak peek of what you are are doing right now…


…Oh my God.

I think your step-brothers are in for a big surprise.

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