A Testimonial

A Testimonial

“I did it as a joke at first - changed the gender option on the Chronivac and dialed up every sexy-as-fuck option to the max.”

“And wow, it felt good.”

Real good.”

“I went from weird cat lady of the local neighborhood to a hot-blooded alpha male roaming the nightclubs for hot muscle-boy ass-pussy. And no-one remembers my sorry old life.”

“Gay guys seem to be in so much better shape than those straight assholes that I used to fawn over! And the feeling of transforming a hard-bodied fitness model into a screaming, orgasming, shivering wreck when I’m smashing his tight ass with my 10-inch battering ram? Indescribable.”

“All my new lovers adore that I keep a dozen cats in the house. Not only do they see me as a caring, ultra-sensitive man, I can also see that it turns them on watching me stroke Mr. Pussums here while I skull-fuck their pretty boy brains out.”

“Sometimes I sit on a sofa, playing with Jeremiah and Mimbsy as they mewl on my lap while I use my other hand to jerk off an open-mouthed loverboy beside me. The poor boys don’t last long watching my vein-riddled bicep bulge like crazy and my manly knuckles turn white as I jelq their meat with my powerful grip.”

“And I think the women are even more turned on by me than the guys. Especially when I walk around the neighborhood shirtless with a well-groomed cat perched on my arms.”

“But I think I’ll stick to fucking guys right now.”

“Except for Melissa next door. But only because she was a proper bitch to me in my old life and deserves to choke down on my dick and nutsack when I’m in a vengeful mood.”

“Okay… I admit it - I didn’t transform myself into this for a laugh. It was a secret fantasy that I always wanted to explore.”

“And it was well worth exploring it.”

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