A Brief Prayer

A Brief Prayer

Dwayne, Oh Lord, Discoverer of the sacred Chronivac and Brandon, Master of the Discord, and Listener of our Prayers.

Before I pump my muscles in your names, I thank you humbly for your gifts that have transformed my diminutive and offputting form into an avatar of ultramasculine strength and sheer sexiness.

Please give me the strength this workout to swell these muscle fibers into a pleasing size that you may bless into permanency. Strengthen my body with additional muscle fibers so that, in time, my fists may crush rock into dust and bone into splinters. Let my veins bulge into thick, bloated hoses, nourishing my body with superhuman, oxygen-rich blood and uber-masculine hormones. Allow my musky sweat to toxify the gym air with the alluring scent becoming of a primal being of power and sex.

Oh lords, transform this weak flesh further so that it ceases to be laughably inferior to your awe-inspiring, colossal and godlike forms.

Make me taller, stronger, muscular and sexier. Allow me to taste the tiniest sup of what’s it like to be you.

When my workout is complete, allow me to pluck a quivering mortal from this gym floor. One of the straight jocks that would have intimidated me into a blind panic in the days before receiving your gifts. A CrossFit enthusiast, perhaps?

Let me offer his virginity to your glory as I pound his quivering body against the slick, shower room tiles. Let his orgasmic screams echo throughout the building and remind other mortals which fraternity rules this college with a superhuman fist.

Allow me to remind them that from now on, the dorkiest and most put-upon now get to become titans of raging power. Let bullying jerks cower in dread of seeing another of their victims joining our brotherhood.

Thank you, my brothers.

I can already feel my blood charging with power-infusing hormones and can feel my clothes tighten across my body. 

I humbly give thanks to you for the orgasm-inducing growth spurt I am about to receive and my cock is now rock solid as I imagine bursting through my clothes with your new blessings. Please accept the inevitable mountain of cum as praise to your benevolence.

Oh, and Lords, anyone for a PUBG game this evening? 

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