I just lost my virginity to a girl from my class, but she complained how unsatisfying it was thanks to my small cock. I think she slept with me out of pity, because honestly my body is nothing to be proud of either, standing at 5’8” and 120 lbs soaking wet. Think the Chronivac could help me?

Hmmm. This reminds me of a similar situation my little squirt of a cousin underwent recently. You don’t mind if I adapt my solution to his problem to your particular case? I have a text file of what I had set up for him ready to go. It should only take a few minutes.

So just a few copy and pastes, and we can completely rewrite your history. That embarrassing sexual encounter can be simply wiped out of existence.

And we’ll replace it with something different. Something much better. And maybe change you a little in the process. So if I simply press “OK”… 

…then away we go!

Now let’s get the Chronivac to show me what you are currently experiencing.



So, doesn’t this feel, I dunno, completely awesome? One second you were a weak, little wuss, the next second you suddenly feel huge, strong and insanely powerful. You finally feel like you’ve become a man. Fuck that - you know deep down that that you’ve become much more than a mere man. You’re a member of an elite few on Earth.

You take in your new surroundings, your eyes fixated on the unfamiliar, yet curiously getting more familiar, swollen vein on your melon-sized bicep as you expertly ram your inhuman-size cock meat inside the moaning woman in front of you; feeling her pussy buck right up against the base of your crotch - both of your intermingled juices causing your sexual organs to squelch loudly with every muscular thrust.

You have no idea what’s turning you on more right now - your hot-as-fuck Herculanean body or that a sexy-as-fuck woman is impaling herself on your super thick manhood with ecstatic joy. It was just a few seconds ago when you were jacking off your former, pathetic three-incher to some porn on your laptop.

This is much better than losing your virginity. This is experiencing euphoria in a body that has the finely-honed instincts of a sex god. No time wasted fumbling about and attempting to second guess an unfathomable partner. Your body knows immediately how to pleasure a person and my god, you’re going to give this woman the best sex imaginable.

You may not recognize the room - after all, you only had a short glance at it a few days ago when your virgin-pitying girl sneaked a shy and extremely flustered you upstairs to her bedroom.

This is her family living room and right now you’re smashing in her mother’s stretched out and dripping pussy. (I hope you don’t mind me taking some liberties by adjusting a few of her “core statistics” on the Chronivac - she was MILF-worthy before, but now she’s become the Literotica definition of a MILF).

Anyway, remember your charitable-to-virgins girl? Well, she’s just around the corner by the doorway, fingering her budding teenage clit rapidly as she steals away shy glances at the sweltering sex scene happening in her living room. And it’s no good calling her out on it or trying to run to the hallway to catch her in the act. She’s pretty nimble and will just deny everything - with a flushed red face and soaking panties. So just let her have her release. She’s been doing it for months, every since you started fucking about with the neighborhood MILFs.

You know what? She’s had a crush on you for years in this new reality. In fact, she also had a little crush on you in your old life too but felt under pressure to dump you by her dork-hating friends.

Lately, at class, you’ve been catching the familiar aroma of her mother’s perfume from the love-struck girl’s desk. Some days you see her try to experiment with applying makeup of the same quality as her mother’s, but with amateurish results.

But it does make you extremely horny, seeing the girl who broke your heart suddenly become your number one fan. With all that excess testosterone, it doesn’t take too much to get you all hot under the collar!

I’ll leave it up to you on what to do with her. Will you break her heart or fuck the virginity out of her?

Maybe both?

Not going to tell you what my cousin did though - that was pretty sick.

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