So I’ve gotten my hands on a version of Chronivac, downloaded it to my laptop and have been messing around with it this last week. I think I’ve got it sussed out. However, I would really like to test it on some real life situations - I believe that’s the only way to learn a tool to its fullest.

And I’m pretty confident I can restore things back to normal if I make a mistake. So please, don’t worry about little things like moral consequences or causing paradoxes in the space/time continuum.

So does anyone have any problems that they think could be rectified by a few taps on my touch pad?

Or maybe you don’t have a problem - maybe you want to become the concrete-smashing, telephone pole-uprooting problem of your local neighborhood?

Either way, feel free to send me an ask.

I can’t guarantee that I’ll respond to all requests because, well, I’ve got a fricking Chronivac and I am a bit busy turning my life into a muscle fetishist’s wet dream. :D

But maybe once a week or so, I may give one lucky mortal a little treat.

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