All Mark really wanted to do was finally fix his pronounced overbite and maybe clean up his skin complexion slightly. He had a cautious personality and wanted to take it slow. Just test out the app a little. Maybe a few days later, he’ll try to do something a bit more creative.

Too bad his version of Chronivac had an obscure “Perception of Reality” bug. So instead of just carefully making his changes unnoticeable to everyone around him, it also wiped his own memories of his old life.

It’s been 8 days now, and Mark is still hanging around in his bedroom. He still thinks he’s spotted the Chronivac software for the very first time (usually about one minute after he last applied changes to Chronivac). He’s now reading up on what a Chronivac is and what it can do. He is completely gobsmacked. His porn star dick swelling with blood as he thinks of all the hot possibilities he could do to himself and others.

His attitude is always the same - research the Chronivac and then, just try it out a little. A tiny bit. Maybe add a pound or 2 of muscle to his body. Or improve his confidence slightly. Or even improve his prowess in bed.

Except that after unknowingly improving himself over 721 times, he’s basically transformed himself from an overweight dork into a living god. The perfect human being.

Worries over muscle mass have been replaced by an overwhelming desire to get his sexy muscular physique into perfect symmetry. Dreams of finally losing his virginity have been replaced by worries that no man on Earth could ever satisfy his sexual needs.

Of course, he now had the power to turn any dork on Earth into the perfect sexual partner. His long-dreamed muscular beast that could handle Mark’s Earthquake-inducing fuckings.

But Mark was not going to change someone without first testing out this Chronivac thing. He needed to try it out on himself first before he risked transforming others. Just change something small - perhaps thicken his designer stubble a little? Or deepen his dimples slightly? Maybe strengthen his ass muscles a nudge?

Then maybe, after a few a days, he’ll try to do something big. Something that would really transform his life.

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