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Anonymous asks:

Would you ever write An FtM transformation story?

Oddly enough, I’ve had the seeds of a Female to Male transformation story stuck in my mind during the last week. I really need to find the time to write...

Anonymous asks:

New story please? :(

This time I’ve got a decent excuse for why I haven’t posted anything in the last few weeks! :) I quit my old job a few weeks back and I’m...

Anonymous asks:

Of all the stories you have authored, which do you consider to be your favourite?

My absolute top would be Oblivious - Part 1 can be found here, Part 2 here. I really enjoyed the mischievous feel I gave to the story, but I especially loved the encounter with...

Anonymous asks:

Could you make a follow up story to "A New Hero in Town"?

I like the story as it is. I had set out to create a humorous (but sweet) short conversation between two brothers about maintaining a superhero alter-ego. The glimpses of a world filled...

Anonymous asks:

Please write a continuation of getting away with it ^^

Honestly, I really wasn’t planning to write a sequel - I had knocked off that story as an one off about an interesting twist on reality. However today I was hit by...

Anonymous asks:

Dont really wank to 'ask' you anything. Just wanted to say I love your stories. Great jerkoff material. Keep it up.

Thanks! It’s always nice to know that my little tales are giving someone a very happy release. :)

jhfic1 asks:

I'm thinking of writing a story. Any advice for a budding writer?

Write whatever you are interested in and if you are writing erotica, whatever turns you on. Don’t bother tailoring your story to what you imagine your audience wants. Just write...

Anonymous asks:

You should do a sequel to "The Cubicle" that had all the right moments!

I’m glad you enjoyed the story. I’m definitely proud of “The Cubicle” (I even surprised myself by how hot it turned out to be) but I only ever planned it...