Could you make a follow up story to "A New Hero in Town"?

I like the story as it is. I had set out to create a humorous (but sweet) short conversation between two brothers about maintaining a superhero alter-ego. The glimpses of a world filled with overworked fairy godmothers and bizarre supervillains are there to whet readers’ imaginations. The idea was to make the world so tantalizing and the story so fun, that readers can’t help coming up with their own possibilities about what happens next.So I don’t have a plan for a sequel, I don’t think I could possible improve on what I’ve written and I think that if I did write a sequel it would be disappointing compared to what readers have imagined in their heads. :)BTW if anyone else wants a go at writing a sequel to this or any of my other stories, feel free to do so. Someone out there may have a fantastic idea to continue a story, or write a spin-off that I completely failed to see.

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