Peter's Weekend

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When he learned that Peter’s parents were away for the weekend, Peter’s friend Rick, a total jock, tried to convince his nerdy pal to throw a massive party.

Peter shyly put his foot down.

Peter’s fellow nerd, Brandon, tried to convince him to host a mammoth D & D game on Saturday, followed by a Firefly marathon on Sunday.

But Peter refused - he had other plans, he explained nervously.

So when Rick and Brandon arrived at their little buddy’s home early on Saturday morning (both hoping to change his mind at the last minute), they soon realized why Peter had been so insistent on spending the weekend alone by himself.

They walked into the kitchen, gasping with shock as they watched a titanic muscle monstrosity jack himself off while posing naked in front of a camera. From the state of the room and the overwhelming musk of manly semen, it looked like the roided freak had been jerking off his insatiable cock meat all through the night

The brute suddenly turned around, revealing the familiar face of their friend Peter stretched over the unfamiliar contours of heavily-muscled cheeks, jawline, and brow.

But their little buddy didn’t look at all friendly anymore - he now looked aggressive, dominant and really pissed off that his “alone time” had been rudely interrupted by a pair of insignificant wimps.

It was going to a long weekend for both Rick and Brandon.

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