The Conundrum

The Conundrum

It had been a simple plan. Worry about revenge later - just focus on using the Chronivac to utterly transform himself from nerdy wimp to preppy muscle stud. Peter liked to do things gradually.

Three hours later and things got really complicated. His most hated bully, Scott, was slurping on Peter’s hunky pec tits and getting ready to be impaled on Peter’s pornstar cock.

In his old reality, Scott would have pummelled Peter for even daring to glance at him. But it turned out that swapping out a puberty filled with computer gaming and Mountain Dew with one devoted to working out in a gym and injecting steroids was enough to change Scott’s opinion of Peter from “faggoty little shit” to “sexy lover”.

So in this reality, Scott and Peter have been passionate lovers for a seriously long time. And it turned out that Scott’s bullying behavior had disappeared completely once Peter and Scott both came out of the closet. He had literally seen nerds and gays pass by Scott without pissing themselves in fear! Scott even high-fived several of them with a pleasant laugh!

In this reality, Scott was actually a really sweet guy and a fucking hot lover.


This was bad. Peter had years of abuse to recover from and he was itching to use the Chronivac to settle the score. What on earth was he supposed to do now?

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