When dorky lardass Kevin touched the ancient artefact and accidentally transformed himself into the anointed avatar of uber-manliness, he celebrated his transformation into a bona fide superhero stud the only way the sex-starved nerd knew - by jerking off his new 12-inch meatpole with a massive fist that could pulverize diamonds.

It didn’t take long for a jet of white fluid to erupt out of his cock and fly out the open window in a beautiful arc. Seconds later, Kevin could hear the calamity of swerving vehicles and startled screams.

He approached the window and peered down, observing the giant craters on the street and buildings below, each containing a minuscule pool of white jizz in their epicenter. Cars were strewn from the impact blasts like miniature toys abandoned in a sandpit.

And that’s when Kevin learned the true responsibility of being a superhero.

He smirked. Maybe being a superhero wasn’t for him. 

Gazing at the panicked chaos below only made his monster cock grow harder than steel and he knew he had bucketloads more cum to unleash.

Time to show the world what a real man was, he thought as he aimed his aching cock out the window.

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