“So you’ve finally woken up, huh?”

“Head still feeling woozy? I’m not surprised — you’ve lost a shit lot of fluids. I should have warned you - I fuck like a roided-up bull in heat that was accidentally penned in with a herd of cows! You literally blacked-out from exhaustion after the sheer effort of keeping that pert little ass of yours nice and high for me after hours of strenuous butt pounding. You’ve since been lying unconscious in a puddle of your own urine for the last 36 hours.”

“What am I doing with your mom? Well, what does it look like you douche?”

Seriously? All this is still not ringing any fucking bells?”

“You don’t remember last week? When you and your crony jocks were mocking the skinny dweeb who had the misfortune of having been seated next to you at the diner? How you ‘accidentally’ knocked over his sundae onto his lap and then dared him to do something about it?”

“And what did the little runt say again? Oh yeah — ‘You just wait and see. My dad’s a scientist and he has a serum that will make me big and strong, and sexy as fuck. Next time you see me, you’ll be begging to take my cock up your ass and I’ll also have my way with your slutty mom. And there won’t be anything you can do about it!’”

“As you can see I always keep my word.”

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