The Aladdin Effect

The Aladdin Effect

They paid no attention to me at first.

She was lost in a world of her own; her eyes shut closed and her sweet mouth frozen in a delirious smile as her petite body spasmed alarmingly with each gentle thrust of her sexy lover’s generously endowed tubesteak.

Her partner on the other hand, seemed to be completely calm. The muscular hunk was scrutinizing her with an almost scientific detachment, obviously fascinated by her overwhelming response to his overly-large stimulus. It looked like he was perplexed on how the hell he was able to do this.

I could tell that he was still getting used to his new life.

He glanced up at my approaching form.

“Oh, hi Mr. Waters,” he said cheerfully, as, again, he inched his elephantine cock into my daughter’s tight vagina. She immediately erupted into another wave of orgasmic squeals.

“Hello, er, Eddie - isn’t it?” I replied, venturing a guess. Things had changed so much today, it was difficult to know for sure.

“Right first time, Mr. W. !” he said, helpfully shifting his body a bit so I could pass by in the cramped landing. I made my way to my bedroom, dumped my briefcase on to the floor and slipped into something more casual.

Eddie had been to the house often. He was a regular tutor to Suzanne and boy, did she need a tutor - she spent too much time hanging around with deadbeat jocks and brainless cheerleaders. But it looked like I needn’t worry about her hanging around those testosterone-fuelled jocks any more!

I was soon back with the rutting couple. I noticed that Eddie was finally finding his rhythm and really getting into the swing of things.

“So you don’t mind that I’m deflowering your daughter right in front of you?” he asked carefully, a tone of curiosity in his voice as he mercilessly jackhammered my sweet Suzanne against the wall.

“Mind?” I asked confusingly. “Don’t you deserve it after all the hell you’ve been through?”

“Well your reaction seems to confirm what everyone else is saying,” he said with a shrug.

“Confirm what?” I asked with interest.

“Well all the nerds are dubbing him ‘Aladdin’. Whoever he is, he’s the reason why all the male nerds of the world have suddenly changed into hunky sex gods while every male jock has been transformed into a puny-ass wimp.”

“What? You think all this was caused by some sort of magic lamp?”

“Hell if I know,” said Eddie with a shrug. “It’s just a codename the internet has come up with. All we know for sure is that this ‘Aladdin’ has some very fucked up ideas. For example, I now have this craving to fuck the shit out of as much as pussy as I can find. And it so happens that every girl now craves to be fucked by a hunky nerd - any hunky nerd. And everyone seems to think that this is perfectly reasonable. ”

“Well it all sounds completely logical to me,” I argued. “I mean, isn’t the nerd always supposed to get the girl?”

“Did I tell you that every nerd now has a bloodthirsty desire to beat the shit out of the old jocks? To avenge for all the wrongs they ever did? Your son Scott is currently sprawled in the back of his convertible with a bloodied nose and a broken arm. And all because today I suddenly remembered that he never returned my Aliens DVD from six years back.”

“Fucking bastard,” I replied, with pure venom in my voice. “He deserved it.”

“But Scott used to protect me from bullies,” growled Eddie in obvious frustration. “But today when I saw him all I could think of was that bloody DVD and HOW… HE… NEEDED… TO… FUCKING… PAY!”

By the end of the sentence Suzanne was riding a bucking bronco, as Eddie slammed his massive tool harshly against her delicate insides with emphatic rage.

He finally decoupled from my spent daughter with a loud plop. Their intermingled juices leaked copiously from her gaping vagina and onto my wife’s prized carpet.

“Fuck!” he yelled with fury, his muscles suddenly bulging out omniously. “I just remembered that the little shit also short-changed be at the cinema two years ago! Fucking asshole!”

“Give him hell kid,” I said as the glowering super hunk marched downstairs with clenched fists and an intimidating snarl.

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