Not a Placebo Then

Not a Placebo Then

Dr. Jacobs had been extremely apologetic when he administered the trial hormone to Tommy. It turned out that he had an emergency situation at another wing of the clinic and had to rush out. He did advise Tommy to stay in the clinic room for another 15 minutes though. It seemed that some patients experienced some dizziness or wooziness immediately after the shot.

Tommy didn’t mind the inconvenience. He was really excited that he could try out a new treatment for his hormone deficiencies, even though it’s claims for improvements were slight. But hell, it was embarrassing being a senior with what looked like a 12-year-old’s body. What he would give for to look like a 15-year-old!

Dr. Jacobs gave Tommy an encouraging thumbs up before he left the room.

That would be the last anyone would see of little Tommy.

Five minutes later, the kind, sweet teenager was swept away by the mind-blowing tsunami of manly hormones and experimental hyper-steroids that continually assaulted his frail and underdeveloped body.

Another five minutes of chemically-induced agony and euphoria, and a new figure emerges from the maelstrom. A brutal powerhouse that stood over a foot taller than his former namesake and with about seven times his former mass solidified into dense slabs of vascular muscle meat.

The brute kept tensing his massive, club-like arms; watching with awe as the lumbering limbs bulged out into monstrous concrete-filled balloons; relishing the intense feeling of bone-crushing power radiating out of his newly-mutated muscle cells. His once hormone-deficient peanut of a dick was now extremely thick and prominent; primed and pumped to unleash his superior seed at any hour of the day.

Soon he was going to track down every jackass who ever laughed at him and crunch them up into small balls of paper. Well, small balls of human flesh.

Fuck, he was going to make the whole world his cock-sucking bitch boy.

But right now, what he really wanted was Dr. Jacobs. He was horned up to the extreme and the only thing that could possibly relieve him was the sudden, dark urge to force the hottie doctor to drop down to his knees and worship every grotesque inch of his new physique.

He was going to make the sexy doctor’s ass his.

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