Making Amends

Making Amends

Preston had been perplexed when Mrs. Mason invited him over to her house. Why would the hot milf mom of the varsity quarterback (and all-round bullying asshole) want “puny” Preston to call over to her? And how the hell did she happen to have the cellphone number of the school’s biggest dork?

He was more confused when he knocked shyly at her door and was immediately assaulted by a gorgeous, heavily-stacked woman embracing him in a comforting bear hug.

She dragged him into the living room, acting as if they were old friends; sobbing a little while she babbled about how she had only just heard that Jason was using Preston as his personal punching bag.

Then she starting talking about a lot of crazy shit, like how “it was all her fault”, that she “hadn’t intended to split up such a long and close friendship” and that all she wanted was “the best for her scrawny little boy”.

“But I’ll make it all up to you now, Preston,” she declared as she pressed a button on a nearby laptop. “I’ve finally got this all sorted out now. I swear to you, today you and Jason will be best friends again.”

And suddenly Preston realized that he was half-a-foot taller and bulging with powerful, heavy-set muscle.

And he was very, very nude.

And, thanks to the dramatic boost of testosterone surging through his new and improved body, sporting a massive erection.

Mrs. Mason looked at the sexy muscle stud in front of her, biting her lip with undisguised lust.

“Fuck it,” she announced, as she reached a decision. “I’ll do the mental changes later. Right now all I want to do is break you in!”

She dragged the dazed and horny muscle dork into her bedroom and spent the next few hours teaching the virile virgin how to make gentle love to a woman. He was a fast learner.

In the morning she replaced his nerdy memories with all the memories of his new life. The resulting super-hunk then spent hours teaching her how to surrender her hot body to a rough, trash-talking, testosterone-fuelled, alpha male.

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