Chronivac Pro Tip 4

Chronivac Pro Tip 4

Unsure of how to describe the ideal body of your most sickest fantasies? Why not use the Chronivac to give yourself the skills of a master artist and then sketch out every perverse detail you can possible imagine?

For example, Adrian here is shading in the final touches of a sketch showing exactly how he wants his new dick to look to like when he face fucks his roommate tonight; a towering obelisk of meat sheathed with angry-looking veins. A sexual organ so powerful that his little friend hasn’t a hope of containing the deluge of cum that will be aimed at his scrawny throat.

Adrian is especially pleased with the expression of pure shock he managed to capture on his friend’s face and the gooey rivulets of ejaculate being snorted out of his cute, button-nose.

It’s little details like these that can get easily lost in a simple text description.

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