“So Doc, you’re telling me that my son from 2015 stole the Delorean and travelled further into the future to get his hands on a super-human serum.”

“Exactly, Marty! I foolishly left a holo-mag from 2185 lying in the passenger seat, blindly oblivious of the terrifying repercussions to the space-time continuum if anyone from the past were ever to see it. Obviously the “before” and “after” holo-ads were too enticing for the impressionable teen!”

“Then he travelled back in time and injected his 12-year-old self with the serum-”

“-stranding us here in 2015 where a hulked-out Marty McFly Jr has been ruling Hill Valley with his iron fists ever since he hit super-puberty!”

Heavy. Does he hang around with Griff’s gang now?”

“From my digging at the archives, I’ve learned that Griff died 5 years ago after upsetting Marty Jr during a lunch break dispute.”

A lunch break dispute?

“My understanding is that Griff accidentally spilled some milk over Marty Jr’s new pants.”

“Oh. And what of the Delorean?”

“Marty Jr still has it, though I understand he’s had it ‘pimped out’ since we last saw it…”

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