Not Again

Not Again

Oh fuck! Not now, thought Sam as he felt a familiar tingling hit his fat-ass body.

He lay in his bedroom trying to watch Netflix and ignore the changes around him. But it was no good. He couldn’t help watching his pale, pudgy legs inch slowly closer towards the end of the bed and suddenly erupt into dense pedestals of hardened meat; capable of supporting the herculean mass that had just burst out of his beached whale torso.

All traces of his nerdy hobbies were eradicated from his room; replaced by mature and sophisticated furnishings and several crass sporting trophies.

A hot chick suddenly appeared before him - perched daintily between his awesome thighs and stark naked save for a seriously sexy thong. It was his older brother’s girlfriend Stacy; but as far as she knew now, she had only ever been Sam’s lover.

In the distance Sam could hear Freddy yelling obscenities at their dad; though his normally frightening, bullish voice sounded a lot less threatening in his new, nasally teenage whine.

Fucking idiot, thought Sam. Freddy never could learn to not piss off their warlock father! The whole “be more like your brother” routine was a particular favorite punishment.

Oh well, so much for a nice relaxing weekend enjoying a Daredevil marathon! The presence of Stacy, and Sam’s massively-improved and engorged baby-maker saw to the end of that!

Stacy squealed with delight as two massive arms lifted her off the bed, tore her underwear off and positioned her pussy slit right up against a hot, oozing cockhead.

She loved it when Sam dispensed with his normally sweet personality and unleashed the primal muscle beast within him.

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