His First Time

His First Time

“That’s it little guy, choke on a real man’s cock.”

Noah was gobbling up as much of the stranger’s enormous meat popsicle as best he could. His mouth was already overflowing with the superman’s virulent sperm but, because Noah’s head was pinned upside-down against the hard sofa by the sheer weight of the massive stud’s monster thighs, he couldn’t swallow any of it.

It tasted wonderful though - harsh, sweaty and full of protein. What Noah always imagined a true man should taste like.

Noah paused for a few seconds, saliva and cum cascading down from his mouth in rivulets as he tried to catch a breath.

“For fucks sake, do I have to do everything myself?” growled the abundantly-muscled god in frustration.

It ceased to be a blow job anymore. Noah’s massive partner squeezed his mighty thighs against Noah’s already-bruised ribcage and then, by the frenzied pumps of his beefy ass cheeks, jackhammered his colossal tool in and out of the smaller man’s throat.

All Noah could do was hang on to the sofa for dear life; his mouth retching loudly over and over again, the noises of which only seemed to spur on his bucking partner even more.

“Oh fuck, yeah,” moaned the beast, kicking up the pace. “That feels fucking amazing.”

Noah could only agree as his own, decidedly less impressive, sexual organ shot long strings of white happiness over both of their heaving bodies.

Then Noah woke up with a start.

The high school jock found himself lying on the sofa alone; his preppy branded clothes drenched in hot sweat; his running shorts marred by large and unmistakable cum stains.

He remembered accidentally nodding to sleep after returning home from an extra-grueling session at the gym.

Did he just have a wet dream of being fucked by a man?

What the fuck?

Malcolm closed the bedroom door behind him; every cell in his wimpy body imbued with indescribable power. The synapses of his nerdy brain were firing like crazy and making him quite giddy.

Wow! Just, WOW!

He dropped himself onto the bed with a billowy thump - his shaking, boney hands immediately clutching for the bedsheets as he wallowed in the strong sensations teeming through him.

His dad did try to warn him just how overwhelming the climax of a bonding would be. Yet Malcolm still assumed it would feel very much like an orgasm.

He had been completely clueless - it felt about a thousand times better!

And it was still going strong too - it felt like it was going to last hours. All of Noah’s dirty, steamy passions for Malcolm had struck the lonely, little nerd like lightning and they were now revving up engines he never knew existed.

Who would have ever thought that Noah could love anyone besides his own reflection?

Who the fuck knew that the jock would love to be dominated like a little bitch?

Of course Dad was going to kill him if he ever found out; Malcolm was supposed to be months away from doing anything as complex as this. It was only been a week ago when his parents had sat down and given Malcolm “The Talk”.

Malcolm had been all set to follow Dad’s proposed training schedule; right up to this afternoon, when his newly-awakened supernatural senses discerned Noah drifting off to sleep next door.

Noah; the bad boy hottie Malcolm had been masturbating to ever since puberty decided to grace Noah with a handsome, steely face.

And Malcolm’s dream guy was all alone by his hunky self with the patio door wide open; sleeping on the sofa, completely defenseless from creatures like Malcolm.

A juicy little cherry ready to be plucked straight off a tree.

What horny, teenage incubus could even resist the temptation?

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