His Second Time

His Second Time

Gym class was over and all the seniors were scrubbing down and deodorizing their exhausted and sweaty bodies.

Normally Malcolm would rush through the process. He always felt out-of-place in the locker room, where most of his peers either towered over him, out-muscled him or simply out-manned him.

But this time it was different.

It had been over two weeks since “that incident at the sofa” and Malcolm had quickly learned what a lucky break it had been for him. He was still learning the Incubus baby-steps from his father, so the super-cool abilities needed to actually hunt prey in their locked bedrooms were far out of reach.

So unless Noah made a habit of sleeping in an empty house with the door open; it was going to take months for Malcolm to properly bond with Noah again.

Malcolm didn’t like that at all. Simple masturbating was not good enough for the puny nerd any more after he had finally supped from his hunky crush.

Malcolm needed, no - craved to make Noah his little bitch again.

Thankfully, he had discovered a little trick that would allow him to do that. It wasn’t as powerful as an hours-long linking, but it could be just enough to whet his appetite.

Noah loved showering - he had the tendency to still be under the shower-head when the bell rang. Malcolm had long assumed that showering was an excuse for Noah to soap up and caress his hunky muscles in front of his more lesser-developed classmates. Or maybe Noah really was that in into himself? Whatever his reasons, Noah’s studly cock was usually at half-mast during shower time and he never bothered to hide it.

Malcolm bided his time; showering his scrawny body at a stall close to Noah’s and waiting for most of the others to clear out. To be honest, it shouldn’t really matter if anyone else was present or not; only Noah and Malcolm will get to see the show. But better to experiment in private first.

When the crowd had finally thinned down to a level he was comfortable with, Malcolm reached out and probed Noah’s mental state. Sensing the presence of a hazy, little daydream, he smiled.

He had hit the jackpot.

“Hey, Noah?” he asked nervously, as he approached the teenage hottie.

Noah turned around to face Malcolm.


“Now, is this a fuckable ass or what?” demanded the thunderous voice.

Before Noah stood a towering, muscle-bound bodybuilder. He was bending his massive torso at the hips in order to thrust his unbelievably meaty, rock-solid ass right at Noah’s gobsmacked face.

“C’mon, little man,” barked out the man impatiently. “Stop gawking! The whole school knows you’re the most closeted faggot around. Be honest - you must be dying to thrust your horny prick right up this tight little hole?”

The demigod-made-flesh flexed his massive glutes, fanning his ass cheeks into a freaky display of rocky and grotesque striations.

Then he began rhythmically squeeze his ass cheeks together and apart, forcing his mouth-watering anal ring to dance like crazy.

Shit, Noah’s cock was so hard that there were tears in his eyes. The lurid display in front of him was so hypnotic.

Fuck his girlfriend! He needed to cram his aching cock right down that muscle-packed orifice. He wanted to own that beast of a man right now and tear that Herculean ass apart.

Noah harshly slapped the man’s right cheek with all the strength he could muster. The hulk moaned with pleasure.

Then he gently massaged the rock-hard anal crack with his bloated cock shaft. Precum was leaking like crazy from his tip.

Just as he was about to make the plunge, a colossal, brawny arm reached out and grabbed hold of Noah’s aching cock, putting a definite stop to his advance.

“Woah there little fella,” said the muscle stud with the extremely fuckable butt.  “My ass muscles have torn off the cocks of much bigger men than you. I don’t want to destroy my favorite playtoy!”

His burly hand squeezed harder, mashing right down on Noah’s really sensitive meat.

Noah whimpered and he felt the sweet, sweet wetness of release. The handsome hunk just grinned as he watched the smaller jock’s whiteness ooze through his beefy fingers.

“Noah? Noah? Are you okay?

Suddenly, Noah felt his vision fade to white and then refocus itself.

The awesome being of sadistic pleasure had been replaced by the skeletal-thin frame of his dorky neighbor, Malcolm. He looked really concerned for the dazed jock.

“I-I,” Noah stammered, before finally getting a grip on himself.

“Sorry Mal,” he said, flashing Malcolm his most reassuring smile. “My head was somewhere else.”

“Yeah, I couldn’t help noticing that,” said Malcolm with a cheeky grin as he nodded downwards.

Noah followed Malcolm’s gaze; his eyes resting on the white, gooey splatter that drooled down his ripped six-pack.


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