Getting Away with It

Getting Away with It

Ethan enjoyed his daily jog in the stadium. He took pleasure in destroying another pair of sweatpants into a misshapen baggy heap thanks to his voluminous, slab-like legs and colossal crotch-bulge. He loved coating his chiseled upper body with the sexy sheen of glistening man-sweat. He basked in the awed expressions from the small gatherings of fellow students that habitually ate their lunch at the stadium seats.

But today his vainglorious run was cut short by the distant calls of his coach. Ethan slowed to a halt and waited for the breathless man to climb up the long steps up the stand.

In recent weeks, Ethan really got a kick of the coach’s personal tête-à-têtes with him. For the previous two years, the coach had made Ethan’s life a living hell - towering over the young boy and screaming expletives at Ethan’s poor physical performances. Now Ethan had eight inches on the coach, outweighed him by 115lb of shredded muscle and all the while looked like he had just casually stepped out of a professional modeling shoot.

Nowadays coach had become so unmanned from being within Ethan’s close presence that he didn’t know whether to piss himself or ejaculate. For Ethan, this was what dominating a conversation was all about.

However today coach was looking intensely at a clipboard with a grim expression on his face. The man wasn’t even staring at Ethan’s pants-contorting cock-meat.

Something was definitely up.

“I’m sorry son,” ventured coach carefully, as he shook his head in dismay. “I’m afraid the results speak for themselves. I’ve no option but to drop you from the team.”

That fucking drug test, thought Ethan angrily. He hadn’t thought about it in weeks - he didn’t think he had to.

“Look coach,” said the radiant demigod. “I swear to you that I haven’t been taking any drugs-“

Coach quickly dismissed his young protege’s protests with a wave of his hand.

“Oh, I know damn well you haven’t been using performance enhancing drugs. You passed all those tests with flying colors. The problem is with another test. Ethan, your urine sample shows the undeniable existence of a tainted soul…”

The coach’s voice faltered as he eyed the magnificent specimen of man in front of him in awe. He shook himself out of his reverie and spitted out the final words in anger.

“…In other words Ethan, we know damn well that you’ve made a deal with a demon.”

The accusing words echoed through Ethan’s mind. He had been caught out.

“I had my suspicions when you beat up young Ramirez to a pulp earlier this month,” continued the coach. “I mean, why would the school’s top jock suddenly start punishing a bullying nobody like him? You’ve never shown any interest in his thuggish antics in the past. I’m afraid that was a textbook case of a bullied youth dabbling in the dark arts and trading in his soul for power, revenge and a little bit of reality changing. It’s listed on every coach’s handbook. I really had no option but to run the full set of tests on you.”

“I suppose you were nothing but a scrawny little whelp last month,” grumbled the coach as he jabbed Ethan’s ironclad, cobblestone six pack with a fat finger. “I probably made your life hell, eh? Perhaps so much so that you even changed reality to make us believe that 15-year-olds can naturally look like you do? Yeah, I hate to think of such a thing, but the handbook says that kind of reality change routinely happens among emasculated weaklings. I now have to assume that sophomore athletes should look a lot less muscular than you do, until I can get all this cleared up. For now, I’ll assume they should weigh 30lbs less than you do and are only 6’ 6” - would that be about right?”

Ethan glared down at him sullenly.

The coach just shrugged his shoulders at the teen.

“I have to admit Ethan,” confided the coach. “That I would have turned a blind eye to this just last year - I like a kid who isn’t afraid to take his own initiative. But thanks to the internet, these sort of things are cropping up way too often and I’m under extreme pressure to stamp out this kind of cheating. Especially after the Lomsdale High incident.”

Ethan gulped. Nobody liked to think of what happened at Lomsdale High. Their abandoned football stadium still retained the charred shadows of the doomed victims upon it’s walls and grounds.

“And you are not alone in this situation, either. Cassie Carpenter was dropped from the cheerleader squad yesterday. Supposedly, it’s impossible for a girl to be that acrobatic and flexible while having a pair of basketball-sized tits and an 18-inch waist. Yeah, we’re still trying to wrap our heads around that ‘logic’. Anyway, it turned out that last week she was a morbidly-obese diabetic. Her mother had been urging her to take up demon summoning for her own health.”

Coach studied Ethan’s stunned, handsome face. His harsh face softened.

“Listen boy,” he explained. “This could have been much worse. At least you hadn’t done anything to affect your school grades. That would have been an expellable offense. You’re just an average student here - straight A’s across the board. So what if you’re thrown out of the football team? You still have your good looks and tremendous health. At worst, you’ll face a few days suspension.”

He gave Ethan a friendly clap on his back.

“Listen stud - you continue your little jog, clear your head a bit and we’ll have a discussion about how to proceed from here in my office after lunch.”

So Ethan fell into his jogging routine again, deep in thought as his powerful legs flung the surrounding scenery rocketing behind him. But as soon as coach exited the stadium, the young man made a superhuman dash for the changing rooms.

He knew that he still had some chalk and candles leftover from last time. He now just had under half an hour to find a live cockerel and fetch the spell book from his bedroom. With a bit of luck and some demonic bargaining, he will have the whole situation smoothed out in no time.

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