WUWS Part 3

WUWS Part 3

“That’s it,” said Lucas with an encouraging grunt, as he eased another thick inch of oxygen-impeding cock meat down his roommate’s throat. “You can do it.”

Ryan’s eyes were watering like crazy, but he endured. He remembered the last time he had refused to do what his roommate commanded. Luckily, he had ducked just in time - a toilet cistern to the face would have been no laughing matter. It had taken weeks for the academy to fix the damages. Lucas had been extremely apologetic at the time, but afterwards he would occasionally flash Ryan a knowing little flex or “accidentally” crumble a mug into dust with one hand.

He liked to remind Ryan just who was in charge.

Ryan still had trouble believing how much his world had changed since last semester.

Back then he was shacked up with Warren, the puniest specimen of a teenager ever to enter the wrestling academy. Back then Ryan felt like a god, forcing his weakling roommate to worship his hard jock muscles in private and belittling the pathetic wimp at every opportunity, public or private. Ryan earned his place in the academy through a highly-competitive sports scholarship - he knew he was the genuine deal and on his way to entering professional wrestling fame.

His shrimpy shit-stain of a roommate couldn’t handle the most basic of training regimes and exercises. Ryan reckoned that the ugly twerp signed up to the school just so he could ogle at all the hardbody wrestlers sweating it out in training. He had more than once caught Warren with a tiny little boner jutting out his pants. Ugh.

Thankfully, by the end of the semester all the wusses like Warren had been completely weeded out from the group, allowing the school to cultivate a concentrated crop of hardy, domineering jocks. The locker room was a glorious sanctum for towel-slapping, high-fiving gym rats, where they exchanged boastful stories of their pussy-slaying prowesses.

However this semester everything changed. It was decided to merge the class with a parallel stream from a partner school and Jesus Christ… the incoming teens were fucking giants! The shortest stood head and shoulders above Ryan’s 6’ 2” and each one outweighed him by at least a hundred pounds of thick, brutish muscle.

To underscore his newfound sense of inadequacy, it was discovered that the pumped-up interlopers were all unbeatable beasts on the mat; brandishing a lethal array of kicks, clotheslines, body presses and drops that completely demolished the home team.

Ryan’s wrestling dreams were quickly evaporating.

Now Ryan was shacked up with Lucas, probably the weakest of all the newcomers, but still a tyrannical goliath.

He was so fucking beautiful though.

Lucas was having the time of his life. Yes, the first semester had been absolutely terrifying (though Warren had been warned by his instructors that module 101, “The Sociology of Alpha Male Behavior”, was the one that separated the wheat from the chaff). But it was all worth it. There was no way he could keep up this persona without having done an up close and personal study of the biggest meathead assholes in the country and then, become so humiliated and abused from his on-field experience that he spent most of his lonely nights jerking off to sadistic power trip fantasies.

Now, thanks to a little help from his academy-sanctioned jacking machine, he’s making some real progress this semester while savoring the ever-abundant feeling of absolute power and dominance that radiated from his body. Lucas may well be the little weakling of his newly-jacked peer group, but the jacking had blessed him with a breathtaking pretty-boy face on top of a sexy-as-fuck Greek god body. He was the weakest, but he was by far the hottest.

He found it difficult to think of himself as Warren anymore. His magnificent new form demanded a new, imposing personality and little Warren was fast becoming a fading memory to the cruel, arrogant, angel-faced Lucas.

He knew that Ryan would do anything to please his heart-stopping new roommate - after all, Lucas had more than once caught his “straight” roommate staring at him in awe and with a nice big throbbing dick. Ryan only needed some firm, nurturing guidance on how to be Lucas’ ideal little friend.

Damn, Lucas thought as he felt his partner’s tight little throat suddenly yield another inch of warm, cocooning tissue. He’ll have this little cocksucker trained up to perfection for Lucas’ first year demonstration on April.

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