Thanks Dad

Thanks Dad

“Son, in the last month I’ve fucked twenty-seven sweet pussies, eighteen virgin asses and received only God knows how many blowjobs.”

“Hell - I’ve had my ass eaten out five times!”

“Three colleagues at work forked out the equivalent of two months salary just to grab a feel of these massive, rock-hard muscles.”

“My personal assistant is now too busy slurping my massive dick-pole to take phone calls or even answer emails anymore. She’s broken off her engagement with that hunky firefighter because he ’just wasn’t man enough for her’.”

“My boss doesn’t dare fire her for fear of pissing me off. Instead he’s given both of us substantial raises and hinted at more if I help out with his and his wife’s sex problem. Fuck yeah! I can’t wait to slam my dick into that skinny, stuck-up, trophy-wife of his while he sits by the side, jerking off his measly little prick.”

“I now completely terrorize the gym. The steroid-pumped regulars either piss their stupid lycra pants at the sight of me or try to hide their throbbing little boners. I just belittle the puny little faggots every chance I get but that seems to only turn them on more.”

“You mother has begged me seven times in the last ten days to take her back - she literally drops to her knees in front of me and offers to be my personal sex slave for life! It seems she now regrets the divorce and calling me a ‘drab, boring and pathetic little worm’.”

“Well, that ungrateful bitch is not getting near this stud again! She’ll just have to make do with fingering her dripping pussy while fantasizing of me. While she does that, I plan to go around the neighbourhood and knock up each one of her slutty little sisters!”

“Now all I want to do is give my scrawny-ass wuss of a son the best darn birthday present he’ll ever get! When this weekend is over, I intend to return you to your mother as a hulked-out brute of an alpha male. I’ll hear no more of her talk of your allergies, asthma and social anxiety disorder. Next week, I want you to tell me how you completely ripped apart that jerkwad bully of yours with your bare hands and then proceeded to tear up that nice, tight pussy of his cheerleader girlfriend as your reward.”

“So stop being a whiney little bitch! Grab a fucking spade and dig as if your pathetic life depended on it. I just know that there’s more of that meteorite buried around here and it’s got your name written all over it!”

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