One Shot at This

One Shot at This

Fuck, that was close! The latest spasm had nearly caused Kevin to spew out his entire load. He could literally feel his balls judder and tremble from the immense forces being put upon them.

He longed to relieve his tender testicles and precariously-sensitive cock. But he needed to push on. He had to force himself to weather the storm. To fight through the convulsions of pleasures tormenting him.

He had only one shot at this and he wasn’t about to waste it.

Jesse, his best buddy, was by Kevin’s side, pumping his friend’s volatile dick with increasingly strong and rapid strokes. Jesse had originally started the process with a friendly glide - a gentle massage to help his dorky, beanpole of a friend maintain a state of blissful arousal.

But he hadn’t expected Kevin to last so long. He watched, mouth agape, as the string-bean before him transformed into a breath-taking specimen of male brawn and beauty. Now jealousy had reared it’s ugly head. Kevin had become too muscular. Too powerful. Too sexy-looking.

Jesse had yet to have his turn with the formula and Kevin had already setting the bar to a dizzying height. They both had only one shot with the formula. He needed to a put a stop to this quickly, so that he could have a realistic chance to overtake his dorky friend during his turn and become top dog again.

Jesse desperately tried to bring Kevin to full release - his buddy’s cock rapidly turning horrible shades of red and purple. But his super-stud friend just gritted his teeth and expertly surfed the waves upon waves of rapid convulsions and their precious gifts of muscle growth.

Finally, after an agonizing wait for Jesse, the superman unleashed his tortured cock and drenched his puny friend’s clothes with a tsunami of man-spunk. Kevin moaned with ecstasy, milking his last moments of pleasure to force the dwindling formula to add another ten pounds of hardened muscle to his stupendous physique.

Then came Jesse’s turn to try the formula.

Kevin held his friend’s puny cock with a massive hand as his little buddy greedily downed the formula. The formula quickly started it’s work, causing Jesse’s cock to rapidly grow to full mast. Jesse watched the handsome musclegod before him flash him a sexy smile and gently squeeze his delicate boner in a gauntlet-sized fist. He suddenly spasmed with intense pleasure and collapsed to the floor, panting heavily. His cock fell limp and Kevin felt a little spot of liquid moisten his sausage-sized little finger.

Jesse whimpered as he felt the last vestiges of the formula leave his body.

Kevin just smirked.

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