The Cubicle

The Cubicle

Drew slowly bobbed his head in and out; making sure to gently slobber his saliva all over the thick tube of prime stud meat and to tease out every sensation of exquisite pleasure for the meathead teenage jock on the other side of the glory hole.

It was the stupendous cock of Simon Tate, a nerd that Drew that loved to terrorize throughout high school, junior high and elementary school. Unfortunately for Drew, Tate had undergone a massive growth spurt over the summer and at the same time had taken up bodybuilding with the joyous discovery that he had the perfect genetics for unreal massive muscle growth.

So at the beginning of senior year, a 6’ 8” bulldozer of muscle had walked into high school and gave a quick, personal and very effective demonstration to Drew on how things were suddenly going to change between them.

That was about two months ago and Drew quickly learned to accept his new, more subservient position in the Drew-Simon bullying dynamic.

“Holy shit!“ blurted out a boyish voice as it entered the restroom.

Drew recognized that voice. It was that annoying pipsqueak, Noah. He was a junior and a next-door neighbor to Simon. He liked hanging around with Simon a lot - they were very close buddies.

“I know, right?” boasted Simon in his powerful bass. “Oh, fuck!! You have got to experience this, Noah! It feels so fucking incredible. He’s so fucking tight - I can actually feel my dick stretching out his goddamn throat.”

“Yeah,“ agreed Noah in a discernible tone of awe as he entered Simon’s cubicle.

There was a pause in the conversation for perhaps two minutes, during which all that could be heard in the restroom were the oddly mesmerizing sounds of a throat and jaw rhythmically ingurgitating on a thick, wet column of man flesh. 

“Um,” ventured Noah with a slight tremble in his voice. “Do I get my turn now?”

Drew furrowed his eyebrows in disgust. It was bad enough blowing Simon’s cock but at least he had a grade-A example of what a man’s cock should look like. Drew really did not want to go down on that little runt’s stubby little three incher. It probably smelled too.

“Sure man.” replied Simon.

Well, that’s that! Drew now had to give Noah a mind-boggling blowjob or risk getting beaten to a bloody pulp by a very pissed-off Simon!

Drew slowly pulled his head away from the cubicle wall, gradually sliding Simon’s colossal cock out of the confines of his throat. It felt as if his jaws was about to unhinge when he tried to release the bulbous cockhead from his mouth.

“I didn’t tell you to stop, shithead!“ snarled Simon.

The muscular hand of a seriously juiced WWE wrestler smashed through the cubicle wall above Drew, raining down splinters and sawdust all over him. The immense hand quickly clasped itself on to the poor jock’s head with an iron grip and dragged it back to the glory hole, forcing him to swallow every throat-throttling inch of the immense organ.

It seemed that this sudden display of strength really turned on the muscular brute in the accompanying cubicle. His previous gentle strokes had suddenly turned into a proper jackhammering. It wasn’t long until Simon had buried Drew’s nose right up to his pubic hairs and allowed his bloated balls release what felt like a pint of virile semen down his victim’s oesophagus.

The conquering warrior moaned with heavenly pleasure as he finally released his hostage.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” said Noah, no doubt having soiled his own puny little pants with cum. “I definitely want a piece of that action.”

“Well here you go bro,“ replied Simon.

There was a rustling noise from Simon’s cubicle and a whispered, mumbling exchange between Simon and Noah. Drew had no idea what was going on. Not that he really cared anymore - he was too busy alternating between retching up cup-loads of thick cum into the toilet bowl and teaching his wheezing lungs to breathe again.

“Fuck! That hurt, man!” cried out the runt.

“Stop being a baby!” muttered Simon. “No pain, no gain. Anyway it’s done now. There’s no turning back from this.”

“Oh,” groaned Noah miserably. “Suddenly I don’t feel so good.”

“That will pass soon, now let’s get this party rolling!”

Soon Drew could hear a weird creaking and crackling sound arising low on the ground.

“Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Oh, fuck,” shrieked Noah as he started prancing about in what sounded like extreme agony. “Get these things off me!”

He let out a deafening scream as several horrible snapping sounds filled the air. Drew ducked his head when he heard the loud bang coming from the wall between them. Something really hard had hit the cubicle wall at high speed!

Another scream, another series of sickening snaps and suddenly an object was sent flying underneath the cubicle division, embedding itself deep into the porcelain base of Drew’s toilet like an arrow to a bullseye.

Drew studied the missile closely. It was a comically-undersized black leather shoe. At least he thought so, to be honest the object was completely misshapen and it’s leather in tatters, as if it had valiantly tried to contain a bomb explosion.

“Shit,” giggled Noah ecstatically. “I guess that means no more shopping at the children’s section of the shoe store for me.”

“Bro,” replied Simon with a laugh. “I don’t think you’ll be able to find shoes that size on a high street shelf. You’re going to have to order them online specially.”

Drew felt a deep terror in the pit of his stomach. He had a terrible premonition of what was going to happen next.

For the next ten minutes all he could hear from the other cubicle were the sounds of snaps, creaks and rips and the terrifying, painful screams of Noah. Simon just stood there grinning, throwing insults to Noah at how much of a wuss he was being. 

Drew had slowly backed himself up against the opposing wall, trying to ignore the bloodcurdling screams next-door. His heart skipped a beat when he eventually saw a pale, pathetic, prepubescent hand judder into view above the cubicle wall in front of him. Shakily it rose upwards, revealing a similar boney forearm; it too rapidly vibrating. It’s dorky plaid shirt sleeve was slowly tearing itself in two as the radius bone grew painfully elongated.

There was a brief pause in the agonizing shaking and the skinny, juvenile forearm was suddenly consumed by a rapidly inflating mass of hardening flesh that had seemingly erupted from within. The remains of the shirt sleeve burst into a cloud of confetti, revealing a rock-hard granite-like sculpture the length and thickness of a family size bottle of Coke and covered in pulsating, pencil-thick veins.

The owner let out a deep grunt as he experimentally flexed his still-puny hand, sending ripples of imposing tendons and veins to writhe under the super-thin skin of that awesome forearm of doom. A stylish but now laughingly-small wristband, which had been clinging on for dear life, finally relented and exploded, raining leather and the twisted remains of metal buckles onto the floor.

Then there was another series of violent convulsions. The wimpy, boyish hand clung desperately on to the cubicle wall. It shuddered like crazy as it’s puny digits slowly expanded into long, thick and meaty frankfurters. Meanwhile the back of his hand broadened, thickened and toughened itself into chiseled rock; his knuckles calcified into armored hide. Fuck being able to palm a basketball - this hand looked like it could crush basketballs to atoms.

The massive hand grasped the cubicle wall with an iron-grip. Slowly, but surely the grinning face of a dorky teenager rose from behind the cubicle wall. Noah smirked at Drew as he rose even further, revealing a neck three times the size of his dorky little head and the heavily-muscled cannonballs he now called shoulders.

Noah paused his ascent, his face looking mockingly at the terrified Drew. Then he rose up some more.

Fuck! Those monstrosities were not his shoulders, they were the twerp’s new traps! The former runt now stood eight inches above the lip of the wall, with only the barest hints of the tops of his delts and pecs coming into view. They looked exactly like large pillows, if pillows looked like they were cut out of shredded steel.

Noah suddenly let out another scream as his wimpy little head shuddered into more convulsions. His nose thinned and matured, his eyes became cold and sultry, his jaw grew wide and square, his cheeks became sea-carved cliffs and his chin blossomed into a manly cleft. Drew knew that despite his monstrous body, Noah would never have trouble getting laid. His new face looked like it had been wished into existence from a masturbating girl’s deepest fantasies.

Fuck, he was hot.

Drew couldn’t help himself. His dick started to stiffen.

“Welcome to the club, bro,” said Simon as gave his larger partner a titanic clap on the shoulder. He reinserted his pornstar-sized genitals into the glory hole, gesturing Noah to join in.

The newly-minted killing machine let out a brief, manly grunt. A cloud of sawdust flew into Drew’s vision as a second cock and balls, equal in size and magnificence to Simon’s, punched through the cubicle wall in front of him with ease. A phenomenal amount of precum was dribbling from the perfectly-flared mushroom head. Noah, Drew’s new master, was fucking horny too and he was currently leering at Drew’s pretty jock face.

“Fucking puny piece of wood,” growled Noah in his new badass voice.

“But that sure felt incredible,” he added with a shit-eating smile.

“Just relax there big guy and let Drew welcome you to your new life,” replied Simon.

Drew carefully caressed the two throbbing cum cannons in front of him with practiced hands.

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