He stepped back into the waiting room when the enormity of it all suddenly hit him. A large mirror had been deliberately placed at the other end of the room, and it was reflecting back his awesome, towering presence in all it’s majestic glory.

He slowly smirked as he soaked in every hot detail of the masculine musclegod in the glass before him. The impossibly-huge slab-like muscles. The obscene hosepipe veins jutting out from under his thin skin. That super-heroic lantern-jaw.

When he had first entered the room a few hours ago he had found the starkly-furnished and bright room overly-large and intimidating. Back then he had simply hunched quietly in a chair on the corner, trying not to let the desolate atmosphere get to him, hoping the agonizing wait was worth it.

Now the hulking, radiant figure in the mirror seemed to suck in all the energy of the room. There was no room anymore. Just the image of a brutish beast of thick muscle smirking at him.

He darted out his tongue suggestively at the mirror while caressing one of his iron-like pecs with his big, meaty hand. The image in front of him did the same, seducing it’s muscle master with a sexy flick of his tongue and an erotic twirl of his pec.

Fuck, he was about to cum in his pants!

A small, hesitant cough shook him out of his self-worship session.

He glanced down at the four puny specimens of manhood sitting awkwardly in their spartan waiting room chairs.  Two were trying to avoid direct contact with his eyes and one was pretending to find a medical leaflet completely engrossing. The smallest of the group was staring slack-jawed at the magnificent Hercules who had just been about to give the underdeveloped boys an impromptu striptease.

He quickly put a stop to his sexy foreplay and feigned a friendly laugh.

Shit! Had he really looked like that one of those pathetic dweebs this morning? For some strange reason their very presence angered him. He had a sudden itch to grab one by the neck and beat the crap out of him.

He felt his fists pulse with the temptation. The pimply-faced dweeb staring straight at him seemed to be asking for a beating.

But no, he already had a very long list of scores to settle and an even longer list of hot chicks to score. Best leave these little shits alone and let them experience the wonders of this treatment. Give each of them a chance to jerk off to their new reflections when they leave surgery today.

He left the clinic feeling like a new man.

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