“Dude, you really have to cut me in on the next deal,” begged Justin over the phone. “This shit’s unbelievable!”

“What the fuck? Are you kidding me? Man, you better get you shit together and start swallowing those pills five times a day like clockwork - this stuff’s the real deal.”

“Yes it’s real, you doofus! Shit! Right now I’m doing some impromptu posing by my mirror - let’s just say that my dorky, flat, featureless stomach has now grown a damn fine set of thickly-ridged abs and these babies are all solid as a fucking rock!”

“Man you have got to see me now, I’m really filling out my t-shirts and pants. The girls are not going to believe what I look like - I’ll definitely be getting myself some nice hot tail this year. Shit, even I would want to fuck this hot bod!”

“But I need more dude! Right now I look like an athletic teenager. Sure, it’s pretty cool and all to be so much stronger and flexible and shit. But, and don’t laugh, I really want to look one those hulking WWE superstars.”

“Hey, I told you not to laugh bitch! Don’t forget you’re a scrawny little piece of shit and I’m now a tough-as-nails jock who can easily pulverize your puny ass.”

 ”Fuck it man, why should I settle for being a run-of-a-mill teenage jock? I know that taking more of those little red pills will turn me into a freak of nature and that’s what I tend to become!”

“Listen man, we’ll have to be careful over the next few weeks - I’m doing my best to hide the physical changes from the rest of my family, especially my older bro, Jason. He’s getting really fucking suspicious about my sudden growth spurt.”

“I drape myself in oversized clothes when I’m around the house and try to act all dorky and shit. But it’s getting really fucking difficult to pretend that I’m a weak little sissy boy. Especially with all this fucking testosterone riling up inside my body.”

“Jason gave me a huge shove yesterday, and I just remembered at the last second to fall on my ass and cry out like out like a little wuss. The truth is I’m already stronger than Jason, and I was just about to smash in his smirking douchbag face! Lucky I remembered in time to play the role of ‘puny little brother’.”

 “Otherwise, he would fucking know that I’m on something. If he finds out, he’ll tell my folks. I don’t want to be caught out.“

"Correction, I don’t want to be caught out until I’ve grown into a massive, intimidating titan of a man. Then I’ll be able chug down as many of these pills as I want during breakfast and everyone else will be too chicken-shit to stop me.”

“Fuck, yeah. I can’t wait for that day to come. This is going to be so sweet.”

“So, c’mon dude, will you contact your source for me? Or do you really want to find out what it feels like to become the punching-bag of the neighborhood’s newest bad-boy jock?”

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