“I can see you are aching to clamp your sweet little mouth onto my hard, throbbing cock but I really need some info from you before we play.”

“You spiked my soda earlier, didn’t you? You spiked it with whatever drug your brother used last summer that turned him into a meathead freak?”

Her face went scarlet with embarrassment but she gave a shy nod. She had been caught out.

“Shit, you’re really turning me on Dinah! You may act like a shy, mommy’s girl but you really are a sex-obsessed little slut. I so want to spread your legs wide right now and plough the fuck out of that tight virgin pussy.”

Her face went even more crimson.

“Y’see I know you, Dinah. We’ve been best friends all our lives and I can read you like a book. I know damn right you were fucking jealous of every other girl in school. They get to be seduced and fucked by your muscle stud of a brother and there was no other muscle god hanging around to see to your sexual needs.”

“So you invited your overweight, social-misfit of a friend, i.e. moi, over for some fun and games, and secretly fed him some of your brother’s super-secret insta-hunk formula.”

The newly-minted hunk forcibly raised Dinah’s head, studying it carefully.

“Tell me, what were you expecting after the transformation? That I would remain my sweet, good-natured, kind-hearted self? Or maybe that I would gain just a smidgen of confidence to finally have the guts to ask you out?”

“Or deep down, did you suspect that the drug would really fuck up my personality? That I would be just like your brother. That I would become a dominant, sexually-charged hunk who likes to play with his prey.”

He smiled predatorily at his reddening plaything.

“I wonder what it must be like every night to lie in bed and hear your brother in the room beside you? To hear his confident voice seduce and tease his latest girl into submission? To listen to the subsequent screams of delight when he finally decided to fuck her silly?”

“Did you ever imagine what it would be like to experience that? I suspect you did. More importantly, did you decide that you really had to experience that for yourself? That maybe you didn’t want a sweet and timid boy for a friend anymore? That you instead craved for a powerful man to whisper sweet-nothings into your ear and pound his huge dick into your twat? Was that it? Were you willing to sacrifice the personality of you oldest friend for the slightest chance that he could blossom into the most perfect, sexy, domineering boyfriend of your dreams?”

Her eyes couldn’t look at him anymore. A sense of guilt came over her.

He gently raised her head so that they could see each other eye-to-eye. He gave her a comforting hug.

“Fuck! That was some gamble, but it’s paid off in spades girl. I gotta admit that I had a huge crush over you for years now. Now you are telling me that you want be as a boyfriend, I can get to fuck you whenever I want, and all I have to do is act all dominant and shit to get you fucking wet? Hell ya, I’m going to sign up for that!”

He stooped his head down to give Dinah a long and passionate kiss, his large tongue invading her mouth and claiming it his. After several long, heavenly seconds he broke off, flashing his excited girl a cocky smirk.

“I’ve got one more question though,” he whispered into her ear. “Where can I get more of this drug?”

Her eyes widened.

Slowly, he teased his cock around her mouth, the expression on his face friendly but dominant. She knew she wasn’t going to get any pleasure from him until he was satisfied with her answer.

“C’mon baby,“ he teased. "This body may be smoking hot, but it’s still a scrawny piece of shit compared to your brother’s. I want to know where he’s keeping his stockpile of this crazy shit.”

“I want you to imagine arriving to school tomorrow in the arms of the biggest and brawniest alpha male in town - with everyone clearing the hallways at my towering presence. Imagine all the hottest girls in the school shooting dark looks as you, the resident good-girl bookworm, regularly exchanges saliva with the hulking brute of a sex god in the school hallways; a swollen ten-inch cock unmistakenably bulging in his tight pants. Imagine the girls restroom being filled with your excited squeals and screams while all the other girls can see the handsome head and massive traps and shoulders of your giant boyfriend jutting out from the top of the cubicle; his face smirking at the jealous bitches looking up in awe.”

“Baby I want to be the most dominant and badass boyfriend you could ever dream of. Don’t you want the same?”

"Yes.” she pleaded.

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