Helena was furious. Those damn Wilson boys had really done it this time! The kitchen was a mess - glass was everywhere and the main culprit, a muddy old baseball, had embedded itself into her chocolate cake.

There was a frantic knocking on the door.

Good, she thought as she strode down the hallway. Those scrawny little dorks are going to receive a tongue-lashing from hell!

She angrily opened the door.

“Well?” she demanded, her face looking like thunder.

It took her a few seconds to realise that instead of looking down at a pair of scrawny acne-ridden boys, she was looking up at a tall, tanned, heavily muscled Adonis of a man.

“I’m really sorry Mrs. Bartkowski,” said the man in a deep, sexy voice that made her legs feel like jelly. “This is all my fault. Pete warned me that I would throw it too far - I guess I didn’t know my own strength!”

He gave a sheepish shrug, casually flexing the immense boulders that capped his massive arms. She couldn’t stop gaping at them - her mask of fury completely abandoned.

Noticing the big lull in her side of the conversation, the man flashed her a winsome smile. She smiled back, her cheeks blushing from his attention.

Wait, he said “Pete”? But that would mean… ? She looked at the stranger closely.

Ryan?” she blurted out in shock. “ No! Is that really you?”

Gee, sorry Mrs. Bartkowski,” he replied, scratching the back of his neck - his bicep rising into a spectacular brawny peak. “I forgot - I guess I’ve changed a lot since I last saw you. College does that. I mean, it turns a boy into a man.”

She nodded in rapt fascination.

“You see I met some new friends at college, they introduced me to weights and I’ve never looked back! It seems like I took to them like a duck in water.” He mimed some bench-pressing as he spoke, sending his chest and arms into fantastic displays of veined striations.

He looked at her thoughtfully. Ryan was no longer the naive little dork-next-door, he was a grade-A stud who had fucked his way through every hot chick in college and several of the professors too. He knew damn well he had hooked another muscle-worshipping slut and she was quite the MILF too. It was time to reel her in.

He looked around clandestinely to see if anyone was looking and bent down to whisper into her ear, “If you let me in, I may just show you why they call me the ’Big’ man on campus.”

She bit her lip as she studied the thick bulge that was growing obscenely against the inside of his thigh. It looked big and brutish… …and downright sexy.

She looked up at the rugged face that shone with the complete self-confidence that he knew how to rock her world.

She had to try this stud out.

She beckoned him in.

A small, stick-like figure was crouched behind a bush in Mrs. Bartkowski garden.

Whoa, thought Pete as he witnessed his horny next-door-MILF drag his super-stud big brother into the house. That was so fucking hot.

His little three-inch stub of a dick was as hard as a rock.

He reached into his pocket and carefully took out a vial of glowing red liquid. He carefully rotated the vial, scrutinizing its contents through his thick, dorky glasses. His brother’s words reverberated though his mind.

“With that serum bro, it took just three weeks to transform myself from a feeble wimp to the epitome of all muscle studs. Just for once, you little shit, grow yourself some balls and inject this into you. I’ll guarantee that you’ll have Mrs. Bartkowski begging you to fuck her in the ass by the end of summer!”

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