Informed Consent

Informed Consent

“Trust me kid, I know what I’m doing. Didn’t my last tattoo work? Three weeks ago you were just a bag of bones. Now look at you! You are one sexy-looking stud, if I may say so. You gotta admit, the magic behind these tattoos is really powerful.”

“Yeah, I know you still act like a timid little geek - it’s not my fault that you are too wussy to put a body of a god into good use!”

“Yeah, it must have been hell for you these last few weeks - attracting gorgeous girls and jocks like moths to a flame but unable to take advantage of it due to your paralyzing panic attacks. Owning a sexy, powerful body and not having the confidence to use it? That’s real sad. I suppose all you could do was jerk off that new pornstar cock of yours to your sexy reflection in the privacy of your bedroom.”

The boy’s face went crimson.

“Ha! I thought so! Don’t worry kid, after today’s tattoo you’ll definitely know what to do do with that superstud body and cock.”

“I’m warning you though, there is no turning back from this. Are you absolutely sure you want to go through with it?”

“Because when I’m done with you, you will have the personality of an arrogant and confident alpha male. Stanley the shy, considerate geek will be gone forever.”

“You will strut down the streets, unnecessarily flexing your muscles as you move, smirking at everyone that passes you. To you, everyone else will be inferior - they will be simply toys for you to play around with. Sexy people who you use to admire will now simply be trophies for you to fuck. A way of keeping score. You will be sneering at your old friends, thinking of them only as pathetic and wussy geeks. You will make their lives hell - ridiculing them, bullying them, making them green with envy. And how will your family react once their good-natured well-mannered boy turns into a narcissistic douche bag?”

“And all for what? The charisma to fuck and be worshipped by any hot person you choose? The confidence to stride up to your old tormentors and beat them up to a pulp? The experience of feeling what’s it like to be a cocky muscle stud?”

“Isn’t this going just a little overboard?”

The boy shyly shook is head, his cheeks reddening further. The tattooist could see a deep longing behind the kid’s eyes. The nerd really wanted this.

“Well, I see that you like what you hear,” he said with a reassuring smile. “C’mon kid, let’s get his over with. And this is going to hurt a little.”

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