The After Photo

The After Photo

“Fucking sweet!” proclaimed Daniel.

He was sitting on his bed with a shit eating grin on his face examining the photo on his cell phone. His meaty fingers deftly flicked at the screen, zooming in and out of the image of a muscle stud flexing a powerful hard bicep to a mirror while his handsome face was frozen in a manly sneer of approval. The man in the photo screamed out pure masculinity, sex and arrogance. He was a walking wet dream and he obviously fucking knew it.

The image was turning Daniel on badly.

Daniel looked up at his bedroom mirror, the image of that same cocky muscle god reflected back at him. His lantern-jawed face stuck in a cocky smirk, his skin-tight t-shirt did little to hide the awesome taper of his v-shape torso while his massive tanned arms looked like weapons of mass destruction even as they hung rested while holding his phone. Daniel was in love with himself.

He was absolutely stunned by the results of just one pill. Last night he had went to bed a sad sack of fat. This morning he had woken up with the body of an ultra-masculine muscular hunk. He was strong. He was sexy. He was charismatic. Now all he had to do was send his photo to his buddies to prove to them that the source of the pills was good and they could all share in this amazing experience.

Daniel hesitated.

He only had a three-month supply of the miraculous pills and he was now clean broke. There was no way he could raise the funds to run the cycle indefinitely. To make matters worse he knew that his friends, Dylan and Wes, were flush with cash. In ninety days time he was doomed to return to his pathetic nerdy body while his puny best friends were set to become super-jocks for life. The unfairness of the situation filled his mind with simmering rage.

Fuck that - it’s time for a change of plans, thought the angry musclebound jock.

He knew that he had the clear advantage now - flexing his rugged veined biceps in the mirror with an intimidating grunt. Thanks to his decision to volunteer to test the drug before his friends bought into the deal, he was now a powerful domineering man of steel while his friends were still puny little shits. They also had no idea who the dealer was, as Daniel had done all the hard work of locating a reliable dealer while his so-called “friends” sat on their lazy asses.

Now Daniel planned to make sure that Dylan and Wes remained skinny little twerps. Skinny little twerps that he could easily beat the shit out of unless they paid him enough cash to keep him on the pills. Scratch that - he was thinking too small. He also needed a new fucking wardrobe! No way was going to hang on to his old geeky t-shirts! And some sweet tattoos would look awesome on his hot new bod. Maybe an expensive pair of shades? He was pretty confident that his little buddies would be eager to help support his new trendy lifestyle with just a little “encouragement” from his brawny arms.

With an evil smirk Daniel sent his “after photo” to his buds, followed by the text:  “Well? What do u think of these results? Told you they were the real deal! Wanna meet up in an hour to discuss it?”

Yeah, life will be sweet from now on.

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