Oh Shit

Oh Shit

It was probably a bad idea to have teased Peter about his acne and his annoying whiney lisp.

Or to have mocked his tiny penis. Especially in the locker room and in front of everybody.

It may have also been a mistake for my friends and me to gang up on him and steal his lunch money.

And we probably went a little bit overboard when we ordered him to do our homework for us.

Come to think of it, flushing his comics really doesn’t seem to be all that funny anymore.

And neither does the thought of giving him a swirly. 

I really shouldn’t have told him that his mother was a skanky dirty whore last Monday. Or boasted that she loved slurping on my massive cock.

And I’m really going to regret giving him the “faggot” nickname. Why did I think that so hilarious again?

Fuck! Look at all that massive muscle! And there’s Pete’s head perched on top. Looking all grown up and manly. A stubbled jaw; a shaved head; sneering down at me like I’m some insignificant little cockroach.

Oh shit, he’s going to fucking kill me.

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