Thank You Baby

Thank You Baby

“I really have no idea what you saw in me. I was a complete fucking wuss until you laced my food with that masculinity-enhancing formula - a boring pimple-faced dork.”

“Fuck, I was as scrawny as those little faggot bitches that now just love slurping on my cock in the locker room! I can’t believe I used to think of those geeks as my friends. They’re just a bunch of pathetic dweebs, paying through their noses so I can publicly humiliate them. Well, as long as they keep paying well to keep me hooked on growth hormone, steroids and insulin then their skinny pencil necks can choke on my fat prick any time.”

“Does it make you wet, knowing that your boyfriend is now so hot that he can rent his body to some overpaid nerds for a few hours and receive hundreds of dollars in return? We’re set for life baby!”

“Look at I me now! I’m about to show off my massive hard physique on stage in just a pair of skimpy posers in a crowded auditorium. The old me wouldn’t have the balls to do something so blatantly erotic in public. Now I can’t help getting off on all the wolf-whistles and cat calls. It feels fucking euphoric knowing that I’m the most arrogant and masculine alpha male on stage. Don’t be surprised if my cock grows rock hard in the middle of the competition! I certainly won’t be embarrassed, it will just be icing on the cake - proof of my overwhelming masculinity.”

“Oh, I can’t wait to fuck your pussy and tight ass tonight. I’ll show you how much I appreciate all that you’ve done for me. None of this pansy romantic nonsense that I used to do, just a lot of very rough and heart-pounding sex. You wanted a man, and you’ve got one baby!”

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