That Summer

That Summer

That summer Greg, Peter and Rick made a pact to join a gym together and finally get in shape. They hoped to pack a little muscle on to their scarecrow frames, maybe even sport wiry physiques in time for the start of college.

They devoured bodybuilding magazines and websites for advice, eagerly following out the latest strength-training routines to the letter. At first they were pleased with their newbie gains, finally adding some shape to their boney frames. But after the first month, their gains slowed down dramatically - their workouts were grueling and they had little results to show from it. Like all young men starting out in fitness they became convinced that they just needed to add the correct supplement to recreate their fast gains.

The latest supplement craze that was plastered all over their magazines was Decatest Alpha, a preworkout testosterone booster that guaranteed freaky gains on even the most puny of wimps. It didn’t take long for the boys to believe that they wouldn’t be able to progress without taking this $74.95-a-tub super supplement.

However Peter’s father refused to lend him the money. He wanted his son to save money over the summer and didn’t want to see him blow his cash on overpriced protein powder that he believed would only damage his kidneys.

So Greg and Rick started taking the supplement by themselves.

During the first week, the two boys just felt more alert - as if they were simply overdosing on caffeine. They were still only lifting the same weights as Peter and they started to believe that they had been conned.

The next week the real changes began to start. The boys were suddenly acting like animals during the workout - grunting and screaming through their sets. They pushed themselves to lift heavier and heavier weights. They were constantly horny too - spending the rest of day in their bedrooms jacking off to porn and guzzling down massive shakes of weight-gainers.

Within a month they no longer needed to jack off by themselves. Having added 100lb of pure masculine muscle, the now-massive alpha-males attracted a lot of attention from the horny bitches in the gym. The former geeks were now swimming in pussy.

By then the side effects had came. What originally started as a confidence boost continued to grow stronger over the weeks, warping their personalities so that they became arrogant and violent muscle studs.

Their motivating support to their scrawny best buddy slowly changed from being good-natured ribbing to mercilessly making fun of his puny physique at every opportunity.

They abandoned him during his workouts, laughing at the “girly” weights he was struggling to lift. They taunted him from the other end of the gym while they slowing raised and lowered barbells carrying inhumanly obscene poundages with perfect form.

They stopped inviting him to hang around with them, he was lowering their chances of scoring pussy. Instead, they made sure to show what he could have had, messaging him videos of hot, hardbodied chicks worshipping their godly physiques while the super-jocks fucked the shit out of them with their 8 inch cocks.

By the end of August, the only thing Peter was good for was giving his superior buddies some awesome blowjobs in the locker room.

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