It had been a stupid mistake to steal and inject the super-soldier serum the evening before an important test. Now Josh was paying the price for his impatience, trying to study in the library while desperately trying to ignore the distraction of his little pipsqueak body growing manlier and sexier by the second.

The tipping point was that damn pencil. At the time he was congratulating himself with himself for doing twenty minutes of study. He had successfully fought off the increasing euphoria as new hormones took hold of his body. Instead, his eyes focused on the text in front of him. All other visual trappings, including his increasingly beefier fingers, were simply tuned out.

He was concentrating on a passage about Von Neumann machines when he heard a loud and close noise. He nearly jumped out of skin with surprise and reflexively looked for the source of the sound. His eyes rested on his new and improved arm. His once-boney forearm was now an obscene formation of hardened mass; it’s tendons were strained rigid, keeping his meaty hand clamped into a powerful grip. Easing his tight grip revealed that his formerly-puny hand had pulverised a pencil into fine dust.

In that moment Josh fell in love with himself.

From then on, studying became a hopeless dream.

All Josh could think about was that beautiful masculine arm and the power it now contained. One by one, he slowly fed his remaining pencils into his hand, listening to the strangely-satisfying crunching sounds as his callused fingers and palm grounded up the pathetic wood and graphite.

After he had demolished his pencils, the muscle stud decided to clamp his mighty fist around his compass. The metal could only squeal in protest as it clumped into putty around his finger creases. By now, Josh had a raging hard on.

Soon, the miraculous serum corrected his weak eyesight. Now he had a new toy to play with. The glasses didn’t stand a chance. The thick lenses were quickly crushed into fine sand and the thick sturdy frames may as well have been made out of pipe cleaners as far as Josh was concerned.

For the next thirty minutes, all Josh could do was tense and relax his bicep in rapt awe. Admiring it’s beauty and relishing the feel of strength and manliness within.

He could now hear the whispers and murmurings from the other students. Witnessing a beanpole dork become a narcissistic studmuffin had obviously been very distracting for them too.

Josh didn’t care about the whisperings -  no, that’s not right, he suddenly  did care about the sudden attention to him. It felt fucking great to be the person that everyone took notice of and he was determined to live his life that way for now on. Fuck yeah! 

He flashed a cocky smile at a cute girl who was trying, very unsuccessfully, to hide her lustful glances from him. He slowly stretched out his entire body in a playacted yawn, giving her full view of his godlike musculature. She could only gape in awe. He gave her a flirty smirk. He knew he was making the bitch squirm with horniness.

Looks like there will be no time for study tonight either, he thought.

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