While You Were Gone Part 1

While You Were Gone Part 1

“Mark? Is that you?” asked James. He was gazing in disbelief at the skimpily-dressed muscle stud lounging on his sofa.

“If it isn’t little Jimbo?” smirked the jock. Mark’s accent was still recognisable but his voice had become noticeably lower-pitched and he had lost his nervous quiver. His voice was now assuredly confidant and masculine.

“You fucking opened my package, you bastard!”

“Well, what did you expect?” countered Mark. “Biomorph’s logos were plastered all over that box. It was fucking obvious what you had ordered. Did you really think you we were going to leave a parcel containing the most sought-after muscle growth drug alone while you were away on vacation?”


Mark’s cocksure grin widened further. He lazily flexed a bicep as he continued. “You thought I was going to be greedy and keep all of this to myself, like you? I shared the booty with the rest of the boys. Sadly, we quickly ran out, so there’s nothing left for little old you.”

“Damn you! And Caleb and Vincent…”

“I should warn you, Vincent likes to be called ‘The V’ now - he likes to squash little dweebs like you into mincemeat if he feels he hasn’t received the ‘proper fucking respect’.”

Vincent? The V? But’s he’s just a little twerp, reasoned James to himself - 5ft even, about 90 pounds of skin and bones! Scared of his own shadow. He couldn’t have changed that much?

“Yeah, he comes back here every night, banging his head against the door frame, grinning like a cat after having pulverised some poor fuckers outside the nightclub with his gorilla-sized hands. Now that’s a boy who really can’t handle his testosterone levels! And he just loves it! He usually has some busty slut draped over his shoulder too - his ‘prize’ from the fight.”

“Anyway, I’m afraid that you may feel out of place here. The apartment is really fit for wimpy geeks anymore.”

“Then again, Caleb has finally announced that he’s gay (now that he has the body that can crush anyone who dares to make fun of him) and the big man has gained a taste for fucking the shit out of skinny twinks like you. Maybe, just maybe, you can still be a valued member of the gang.”

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