Almost There

Almost There

Time for another dose, thought Tyler as he responded to the watch alarm.

Four days into his regime and it had already done the impossible; transforming Tyler from an overweight, greasy-faced dweeb into a paragon of masculinity and virility.

His body had finally entered stage two of the program. Now drinking more of the serum seemed to do nothing, his growth finally plateaued. However Tyler knew better. If his father’s notes were correct, over-saturating his body with the serum for an extra four days should force the changes to become permanent. If he stopped now, his intimidating brawn would deflate within days and he would revert back to a timid twerp again!

His sick ten-inch cock grew hard as he thought of entering his first year in college as this supreme alpha jock. A sweet life of pounding hot pussy and face-fucking faggots was almost in his grasp.

He had no idea why his personality had changed from shy and reserved to dominant and sex-crazed. But it felt real good, so he didn’t care. Anything that made him feel like a god amongst mere mortals could only be a good thing.

His parents were still on vacation and had absolutely no knowledge of what was happening to their well-mannered boy. The fucking losers will freak out when they finally see the badass motherfucker he had become. His father will be sure to cry when he realises that he had foolishly left his papers out in the open for his impressionable young boy to read and masturbate to.

Too late, you fucking wuss, gloated Tyler to himself. He couldn’t wait to confront his father; tower over him with his awesome mass and a snarling scowl. Show him who the true man of the house will be from now on.

But he really needed to stick to his strict schedule and finally ensure that the new and improved Tyler would remain a permanent fixture.

“Bottom’s up Dad,” crowed Tyler, as he chugged the precious formula down his throat.

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