“So let me get this straight, bro… …You were granted a single wish from an old lady as a reward for saving her cat. You thought she was completely crazy, so you jokingly wish that your little bro was the hottest and most dominant muscle stud on the planet. Now you believe that the whole world has changed because of that wish and only you can remember your old life?”

“You really believe that an hour ago I was a skinny pimple-faced dork who sat on his ass all day playing World of Warcraft?”

“Fuck bro, I worked my ass off for this body! Don’t you dare tell me that you suddenly wished it into existence! Do you know how brutal the workouts were to build this masterpiece, especially when I’m still only a freshman? Of course not! You are nothing but a scrawny loser. You never lifted a weight in your life. I work out 2 hours a day, 6 days week and I lift heavy you little fucker.”

“Look at little Derek here, remember how long it took me to train him not to gag on my cock? Now he sucks me like the slutty faggot he truly is. Even his girlfriend has commented on his dick-swallowing skills during our threesomes. It gets her all wet watching him worship my fuck-stick. You’re trying to tell me that all those hours training my pet was my imagination?”

“What about that time you invited all your dork friends over to the house for a silly roleplaying game? You don’t remember me turning up and embarrassing you by showing them how tiny your cock is compared to mine? And then forcing them to give my sexy muscles a nice long tongue bath and convincing them to let me fire ropes of thick man-cum onto their gaping mouths? I know that those dweebs have been masturbating over that night for months now.”

“And what about you? Watching your little bro slowly morph into the ultimate alpha male. Feeling belittled and envious every time I step into a room. Yet your little cock goes completely stiff whenever I order you to lick my ass-crack clean. Every time I lift you with one hand to show you how weak you are, I see you drooling over my pumped bicep. Hell, you couldn’t stop masturbating when I interrupted your first date with a girl to show you how to really fuck your date to mind-blowing orgasm.”

“Well, if you truly have no memory of all that, then I’m really going to enjoy myself introducing you to your new world.”

“Open your mouth wide, bro.”

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