Restroom Hijinks Part 1

Restroom Hijinks Part 1

“Please guys, let me go! I’ll do anyth-”

“Does Bryan the Dweeb wanna go to home to his mommy?” mocked Tyler in a sing-song voice. “Well, he should have stayed a good little boy and done that essay for me! Now, it’s time for naughty little boys to be punished.”

Tyler with the help of his entourage, Harry and Zach, dragged the screaming nerd into the restroom.

“Let’s see if your freakish big head is able fit inside a toilet bowl. WOW! Did ya see that dudes? It fits! Sweet! Time for a little experiment.”

“Look, Tyler I- Aaahhhh!!!!!”

“Better not open your mouth when you’re dunking your head into a toilet, dweeb!” taunted Tyler, grinning with sadistic glee.

The laughs of Tyler and his gang echoed through Bryan’s mind as his head was plunged into the flushing cascades.

“I really wish I could fight back.” he thought.

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