Change of Plans

Change of Plans

“Gee Bobby, that Babylon 5 marathon weekend sure did sound fantastic two weeks ago. But since then my weekend has become full.”

“Did I tell you that Mrs. Peterson offered me free tuition? She’s only available that Friday evening. See it’s the only time Mr. Peterson is out of the house and she likes to give her full attention when servicing her student’s needs.”

“Also I promised Britney that I would take her out to the shopping mall on Saturday. Yeah, I have no idea how she got my number - hard to imagine that the head cheerleader would would be ringing up the school’s biggest geek!”

“Anyway she said she would help pick out new clothes for me if I tagged along with her. Seems she has noticed by recent growth spurt and really wants to help out. Though she did warn me that she will also be lingerie shopping, and will be dragging me into dressing rooms to give my opinions.”

“I promised Natalie that I would take her out to the cinema on Saturday evening. She deserves to finally be dating a stud after spending the last few years hanging out with a geeky loser. So I’m afraid she won’t be able to attend the marathon either - I’m planning to keep her busy all night, if you know what I mean.”

“And on Sunday Big Greg will be paying me the $800 he offered last Monday so that I wouldn’t pound him into oblivion. Isn’t it amazing how all our bullies have suddenly turned over new leaves in the past two weeks?”

“Between you and me, he’s secretly a bit of a fag - you should have seen him on Monday, swallowing my dick like a pro. I suspect he will want to have another go at my cock when we meet up but I plan to charge the fucker for the privilege from now on.”

“I suggest you also cancel next fortnight’s Stargate SG-1 marathon. With Big Greg’s little contribution, we will finally have enough to finally place an order of the hormone for you.”

“From next week stud, the only nerdy stuff we will be doing will be forcing sexy babes to dress up as our favorite heroines as we fuck them.”

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