The Confrontation

The Confrontation

“Now, what did you say earlier? ‘Prepare to eat dirt, nerd.’”

“Now look Darren I’m sorr-”

“Shut up, you little prick! I destroyed some really expensive clothes while ‘preparing’ for our little confrontation. Don’t tell me I wasted my clothes for nothing!”

“No! Please-”

“Isn’t it amazing what a scared little runt can achieve when a complete jerkwad pushes him over the edge? Look at this magnificent physique, fucker - it’s itching for a fight! At least let me pound your stupid fat body into a pulp for all the frustrations you have caused me over the years!”

“Puh-lease Darren, I’ll do anything, if you-”

“Anything?… Really?”

“Yeah, I’ll-”

“We-ell, drinking Dad’s supersoldier formula has made me really fucking horny…”


“…and your big fat mouth does looks very inviting.”

With one meaty hand, Darren pushes his tormentor’s head down to his crotch, forcing him to swallow the superman’s large dripping manhood.

“Shit, that feels nice. Maybe we can have a truce. If you suck my cock whenever I ask you, I promise not to rip out your intestines with my bare hands.”


“So, deal?”

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