For My First Wish

For My First Wish

“Close your eyes, Master.”

“A-are you sh-ure this is going to work?”

“Hush, Master. I do know what I’m doing.”

“I-if you say so. Oh, th-hat feels go-ood.”

“I need to deeply massage your tissues with my hands, forcing my instructions into their DNA. I can’t have your puny little muscles grow willy nilly. You have to look like a piece of art when I’m finished.”

“Uh. You-our ha-ands are getting really close to my -”

“They need to be down there, Master. I need to entice your body to produce the correct hormones - it takes a lot of time to build them up, especially considering how pathetic your natural hormones are. You should feel them kick in… now.”

“Oh gawd, YES!! YESS!!”

“Now this is what a true man feels like, Master. A beastly cocktail of strength and confidence. Now, I’m forcing the hormones to increase even more dramatically in order to prime your muscles for their growth.”

“Oh shit, OH SHI- what the HELL?”

“Ah! Sounds like your weedy little voice is growing up. Let me just fine tune your Adam’s apple a bit… There, that’s better. You now possess a voice that sends shivers done girls spines.”

“I feel fucking FANTASTIC, like I can take on the whole world! I - HOLY SHIT!”

“That will be your muscles growing, Master.”


“Ooooh, you’re filling in quite nicely Master. Your shoulders are getting quite massive.”


“Now THAT’S a set of abs.”


“Ah, I see you’ve had a little accident down there. Don’t be embarassed, it happens to every puny weakling when he’s transformed into a musclebound hunk. Here let me clean it up a bit…”

“Fuccckkkk!!!! Fuck!”

“Just give it several deep rubs…”


“…there you go, Master. No more little squirts for you. Your cock and balls will be the envy of all men.”


“Finished your growth? Good man, how does it feel to be a total studmuffin?”

“I feel strong, POWERFUL… um, why are you still massaging my chest?”

“Just encouraging a dusting of hair to grow all over your sexy hard pecs. It makes you look more rugged, more masculine.”

“So now I’m all done?”

“No. In order for you to become the ‘most accomplished superstud on Earth’ as you wished, you need to be a very experienced lover.”

“Um, I suppose so.”

“You’re still a virgin aren’t you, Master? Hush now, of course you are! I only have to adjust your memories. From now on the awkward, kind, nerdy you will cease to exist. You will now have the memories of being the most dominant alpha male stud on the planet.”

“No! Please! You can’t - AAaaaaahhhhHHHHHHH!”

“Goodbye puny Master, hello-”

“Shut up bitch and spread your legs! It’s time for you to serve your Master.”

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