Best Summer Vacation Ever

Best Summer Vacation Ever

The summer before college, I was raising cash by mowing lawns in the local neighborhood. I was a skinny little fucker, even after high school, and with my feeble strength I was useless at manual labor. I had barely any control of the lawnmower - not exactly the greatest start to my new job!

Finally Dad got fed up with having a weakling as a son; I had suffered from bullying problems throughout high school and he was damned if he was going to send me to college while still looking like a malnourished scarecrow. Two weeks into my mowing job, he brought home some experimental serum from his work lab and ordered me to drink the vile stuff three times a day.

The concoction tasted like piss and my Dad had to force me to swallow the stuff for the first few days, but it did the trick. By the end of the week I had truely entered adulthood. The small scrawny beanpole had been replaced by a tall and confident muscular hunk. My dick had grown to pornstar dimensions. In short time I abandoned my old dweeby fashions, shaving my hair off, allowing my pants to hang down to my crotch and spending most of my days shirtless. I had become a powerful domineering jock and the chicks couldn’t take their hands off me.

Before my transformation I was only making a pittance with my job - a few dollars for every lawn I mowed. Since the change my earnings have skyrocketed. The housewives that hire me invent a ridiculous amount of additional tasks for me to do, all so I can hang around their homes just a little longer - I could almost sense their pussies going moist in my presence. Naturally I take charge of these flirty negotiations, eventually abandoning their stupid task-lists in order to give my hottest clients some good ass-pounding fucks. For the butterfaces amongst my clientele I instead deliver a good face-fuck - it’s a huge turn-on watching their eyes water as the bitches choke on my thick meatstick.

I’m now making several hundred dollars for each of my “personalized” sessions. I’ve easily covered my tuition fees for the forthcoming year. To be honest, I’m only keeping up with the workload so that I can perfect my pussy-fucking skills.

I like to think the whole experience as preparation for college life.

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