Jock Club

Jock Club

“Fuck off, you little twerp!”

“I want to join the Jock Club!”

“I don’t know what you’re babbling about. Jock Club? This is the team’s training room. Only team members can enter this door - Coach’s rules. As far as I know, the team roster doesn’t include skinny wimps like you.”

“Brian, look at you! This morning you were about 110lbs soaking wet - now you look like you munch on steroids for breakfast and wash them down with a gallon of protein shake.”

“So I’ve finally hit my growth spurt,” dismissed Brian, flexing his huge arms for emphasis. “You’re still not getting past me.”

“For fuck’s sake! Everyone in school knows what’s going on. The unpopular nerdy kids of rich parents are suddenly getting ‘special attention’ from Coach and somehow turned into handsome musclebound jocks. Do you really think you can keep these transformations a secret!”

“You certainly have an overactive imagination little buddy,” growled the jock as he slowly cracked his over-developed knuckles. “I hear that a swirly is a great cure for that. Wanna test me further?”

“Fine then - I’ll leave.”

“Sorry I couldn’t let you join, little man,” thought Brian, as he watched the forlorn figure of his former best friend leave the building. “But to be true alphas we need plenty of little shits like you to reign over. I wouldn’t be special if I let every crybaby get transformed into a musclegod.”

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