Some Friendly Advice 2

Some Friendly Advice 2

Cameron couldn’t help admiring his new bod. He peeled up his skintight wife-beater, revealing a hardened surface of sexy muscular sinew. Fuck yeah!

It had been eight months since Brock’s intervention and the gym rat had been true to his word. Brock’s cousin delivered nothing but the highest-quality pharma-grade Testosterone, Human Growth Hormone, Masteron and Trenbolone to the impressionable youth. Thanks to these sweet little vials the former pussyboy has been molded into a magnificent muscle stud.

The cocktail of hormones being pumped through his body were making him aggressive, horny and cocky. He simply oozed masculinity and he fucking loved it. He and Brock dominated the gym, terrorizing the other, much weaker, gym rats. 

Then he caught Brandon stealing a peek at the new alpha male. He couldn’t believe that he had once felt jealous of Brandon’s muscles - Brandon was just a skinny runt of a boy. Cameron was a man - no a god.

He had made sure that Brandon heard every moan and scream last night when he gave Brandon’s mother the greatest fuck of her life. The slutty MILF had been completely ravished by Cameron’s monster cock. Damn, Cameron made sure that Brandon knew that his once meek best friend was now a dominant sex god.

He threw an arrogant smirk at Brandon, daring him to approach. The feeble wannabe bodybuilder fled. Cameron laughed at Brandon’s reaction, his confidence soaring high as he strode out to the gym floor.

Time to hit the weights and fuck some pussy.

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